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Business Network Release 2024-03


We’re continuously developing our products and services. Here are some highlights from this months’ Business Network development.

Invoice Automation

We have been enhancing our Invoice Automation (IPA) with the following features:

Mass action for supplier recognition

This feature allows users to execute “supplier recognition” as a mass action. It applies to invoices in the supplier definition state without a supplier being assigned. This feature eases the workload in cases where masses of invoices come from a new supplier that is not yet established in the system. The new feature works in the same way as supplier recognition when importing invoices to IPA but can be applied after invoice import.

Supplier recognition logic:

  1. EDI/OVT Code: If no unique supplier is found, then…
  2. VAT Number: If no unique supplier is found, then…
  3. Supplier Bank Account Number: Only the first bank account on the invoice will be applied initially. If no unique supplier is found and ‘Supplier Name’ is used as a recognition code, then…
  4. Supplier Name: If no unique value is found, then no supplier will be assigned to the invoice.

Comments on IPA reports

User comments are now included as a selectable field on IPA reports. In the comment column, if selected, the report will display the last five comments, including who provided the comment, the date it was made, and the content of the comment itself.

Want more details?

Detailed release notes are available for the administrators of our products and services in our Customer Service Portal.

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