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MRO procurement

Managing the complexity of MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) procurement requires connecting all the processes.

MRO procurement is no easy task

Procurement activities related to MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) are one of the most often overlooked processes within indirect procurement. We believe the primary reason for this is due to the high degree of data management, multiple stakeholders, disparate systems and processes.

In short – it’s complicated.

How to manage MRO

Our data-centric approach to supplier information management creates a strong base for a controlled MRO procurement process. Suppliers maintain their catalogs in self-service tools, ensuring compliance and correctness. We help you centralize your MRO goods and services within a single shop – seamlessly utilizing supplier catalogs, punchout catalogs, smart forms and 3rd party marketplaces – while maintaining synchronization to your EAM and ERP.

Drill down to MRO procurement

Efficient MRO

The MRO process typically has quite a few handovers, from EAM to ERP, from work order to the PO, causing risk of error. With pricing, inventory and ordering systems all connected with the source of supply, MRO can be a highly efficient process.

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Quick MRO demo

Watch this short demo video focusing on solving the challenges of MRO procurement. The key is in connecting all the dots (supplier catalogs, parts books, schematics, services, etc) so that the purchaser can do everything in one place.

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Right parts, right time

Simplify the management and validation of supplier catalogs and pricing information to ensure the right part is procured at the contracted price. Ad ERP integration, part numbers and inventory. And worry not, we can help.

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MRO procurement at Maersk

MRO procurement is all about getting it right: the right spare parts, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. It’s a complex and challenging balancing act for procurement professionals.

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OpusCapita is a leading provider of MRO Procurement solutions with years of experience delivering MRO in challenging environments.