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Accounts payable solutions

Centralize all invoices into one account payable solution, then add automation to the accounts payable process. It’s faster, cheaper, and comes with a higher quality.

Today’s accounts payable challenges

How to automate, monitor, and ensure compliance in practice?

Managing multiple flows

How to get all invoices in the workflow system correctly and in time, when you receive paper, PDFs and e-invoices of all formats?

Ensuring compliance

How to automate repetitive tasks, and let the AR team focus on reaching your big picture goals?

Monitoring the invoice flow

How to get clarity to where invoices are in the approval process, ensuring that no invoices get lost, and all invoices get paid on time?

Enabling automation

How to match invoices to what was ordered or agreed in contracts, to reduce manual work and automate approval flow and postings?

Did you realize that the cost for a manually handled invoice is around 10-30 € each?

Digitalize the accounts payable process, then automate it. It’ll pay itself back in no time.

Digitalizing the accounts payable

Gradual transition to e-invoices over PDFs & paper

You may have suppliers who still send you paper invoices – but you’re still ok. You can start by gradually switching towards more digital.

First, get capability to receive and process e-invoices. Then start working with the suppliers that still send you paper – and ask them to switch to more digital means. If they can’t e-invoice you, promote PDF, preferably the structured PDFx that allows better data extraction. It’s cheaper, faster, and comes with higher quality. Finally, promote true e-invoicing to all your suppliers – or in fact, in some countries, you can already mandate it.

Our services come with handy campaigning tools to promote all this to your suppliers – even the smallest ones. The future of AP is digital!

Automate 95% of your invoice processing

Our accounts payable solutions

Invoice Receiving

All your invoices into one flow and one format, enabling AP automation.

Go to Invoice Receiving

Invoice Automation

Next-generation processing automation with artificial intelligence to replace out-dated practices.

Go to Invoice Automation

Go beyond e-invoices

It starts with e-orders

Digitalize your supply chain document exchange for the entire purchase-to-pay process from orders to invoices, enabling full AP automation. It takes less than you might think.

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