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Send e-orders from your ERP and receive responses and e-invoices from suppliers to digitalize the entire Purchase-to-Pay process, enabling full matching automation

Hassle-free purchase-to-pay process

End-to-end flow from orders to invoices

One flow for all message types

Exchange supply chain documents in direct ERP integration, knowing exactly what & when was ordered, received and invoiced.

Enabled AP automation

Utilize the immersive potential for purchase-to-pay automation, taking your efficiency, accuracy and cost savings to a whole new level.

Frame agreement control

Realize your frame agreements digitally, gaining full control of your internal purchasing processes and minimizing wild spend.

Guaranteed compliance

Meet any requirements set by your internal process needs or legal compliance without worrying – we’ll handle it fully for you.

Whenever there’s an invoice, there’s usually also a purchase order to match it with. Stop the manual matching – digitalize & automate your full P2P process!

Peppol ordering at Peab

“We can ensure that ordered goods have been received and the invoice actually matches what was received.”

See how orders placed by thousands of Peab employees get sent out via Peppol, EDI, and even PDFs when needed.

Hassle-free P2P process

P2P messaging continuously validates, transforms, and exchanges document data for you. It delivers orders from your ERP to your suppliers, and receives order responses, despatch advices, invoices, and more, back to your ERP and workflow system.

Go digital even with the smallest suppliers

Invite even your smallest suppliers without an order management system to accept your e-orders utilizing our free supplier tools.

Transparent P2P process

Real-time visibility to your purchase-to-pay flow

Monitor all transactions in our best-of-breed Track & Trace with ultimate, real-time visibility of all that happens in the network – from orders to invoices.

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