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Phishing and Malware

Phishing is a criminal social engineering technique that attempts to convince a user to provide sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, and credit card information. Phishing can occur via email, instant messaging, social media, voice calls, and other activities. Phishers often direct users to click a link in an e.g. email and enter sensitive information, or to open an attachment with the purpose of installing malware onto the target’s device.

Malware is any software intentionally designed to infiltrate or cause damage to a computer system or device without the owner’s knowledge and consent. Malware includes a wide variety of hostile or intrusive software including computer viruses, ransomware and spyware.

Recognising Phishing and Malware

OpusCapita will never contact you asking to reveal your login credentials including usernames and passwords.

Phishing and harmful content in emails can usually be discovered by evaluating the purpose and the content of the email including:

  • The purpose for you of the email (Subject, content).
  • Sender (From) and recipients (To, CC) of the email.
  • Content of the message, e.g. containing an unusual request seeming important and asking you to help or to immediately react.
  • The links purpose and their real destinations (evaluate by hovering on top of the link).
  • The attachments purpose for you. Do not open attachments if you are not sure of the content.
  • Think twice if you have entered a site which asks you to enter some sensitive information or to login with your credentials.

What OpusCapita does about Phishing and Malware

OpusCapita is committed to provide secure solutions for its customers. OpusCapita has measures in place including automatic updates, continual awareness training of Phishing and Malware, recommendations for using two-factor authentication and security solutions from leading vendors for spam filtering and malware protection.

In addition to OpusCapitas internal measures, it is recommended for customers to implement their internal measures to enhance security including:

  • Implement two-factor authentication methods to restrict access to systems
  • Create and maintain awareness for your employees on Phishing and Malware, to not provide sensitive information, open suspicious emails or any suspicious attachments or links within the email without taking time for considering the purpose for processing
  • Use security solutions from leading vendors to deploy spam filtering and malware protection
  • Keep systems and devices updated
  • Monitor events and take appropriate actions


OpusCapita customer service can be contacted in security related issues. Customer service contact information can be found here.