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Guided buying

Advantages of guided buying in a well integrated procurement system include spend under management, sticking to frame agreements, and cost savings.

Procurement and guided buying

A solid guided buying process is business-critical

Today more than ever, everyone from the CFO and CPO to the procurement department and anyone making purchases in a company agree that digital guided buying has become a business-critical process. Whether it’s the daily purchasing for the ordinary goods, more complex needs such as services or MRO procurement, or quickly reacting to changing requirements, it all needs to be data-driven.

What does the post-pandemic, new normal look like for procure-to-pay? In the rapidly changing world, we suggest a fully digital process with full integration to your ERP and suppliers. It will make a world of difference.

Guided buying at Voestalpine

“In a very short time, we were able to more than double the catalogue based orders and reduce the number of material numbers in our ERP-system by more than 20.000.”

Our insights into guided buying


A one-stop-shop is the key element to guided buying. Our eBook, Content Strategies in eProcurement, ties in with a content strategy, managing supplier information, and automating the validation and approval of catalog content.

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Services procurement

Ordering services should be just as easy as ordering a product. Our eBook: Solving Services Procurement, will help understand what options there are for managing this complex spend category.

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Procurement innovations

Practical examples to, for example, catalog management, services procurement and acknowledgement, RFQs, operational procurement, and supplier marketplaces, presented by our procurement expert.

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Complexity management in MRO procurement

Managing procurement for maintenance, repair and operations needs connecting all the processes. See how it’s done!

Guided buying advantages

End-to-end data flow for clarity & simplicity

No fuss with content

Catalog integration and content management ensures you always work with correct data.

Centralized shop

Bringing all catalog data from all formats and suppliers will help you centralize.

Services and spot buying

Investing in a solution that helps manage complexity allows extending guided buying also to services.

Standard processes

If you haven’t yet standardized all your processes, a solution with flexibility gets you started.

Flexible ERP integration

No matter which ERP you use, a solid data integration is a foundation for data-driven guided buying.

Supplier integration

Linking catalog data to PO and receipt exchange brings clarity to your business partners.


A solid system aligns you with internal processes, contracts, AP automation needs, and more.

Data-based optimization

Collecting purchasing data from all the procurement process steps enables analysis & learning.

The OpusCapita eProcurement solution offers all this and more.

Discover the most flexible complexity management among procurement systems!

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Discover the most flexible guided buying solution in the market, and request a guided buying demo to discuss your specific needs.

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