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Network interoperability

Network interoperability connects you to all your trade partners through a single connection, directly integrated into your ERP and other systems.

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Interoperability made easy

You probably want to exchange electronic invoices, orders, and other messages with customers and suppliers, but they might be registered in various registries.

An intelligent service handles it all for you.

About network interoperability

Connection options

We can connect you to your trade partners via 5 main capabilities: Peppol, interoperability partners, OpusCapita customers, direct connections, and invoice key-in.

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Automatic routing

Our service automatically selects the best interoperability option for each transaction based on our collected sender & recipient data and your delivery preferences.

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All message types

In addition to e-invoices, our interoperability technology flexibly sends any supply chain document types, such as e-orders, enabling a 100% digital process.

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ERP interoperability beyond e-invoices - Network Interoperability infographic

ERP interoperability beyond e-invoices

With OpusCapita, you can exchange all supply chain message types, such as e-orders and receipts, with all your business partners, in full integration with your financial systems such as the ERP.

Towards 5-corner model in B2B messaging

What are the current global trends in B2B messaging, EDI, and open networks?

Data integration from interoperability

Reach over 1 million business partners

Connect through a single connection via various options, including OpusCapita network, over 50 other service providers & Peppol.

Exchange all supply chain documents

In addition to e-invoices and credit notes, send and receive electronic orders, order confirmations, despatch advices, goods receipts, and more.

Stop worrying about recipient data

Save your efforts from retaining your business partners’ delivery preferences, as our automatic channel management does it for you.

Interoperability examples

Single connection to all your business partners, via OpusCapita you can digitally reach customers, suppliers, and authorities no matter whether they use Peppol, OpusCapita, another service provider such as Basware or Pagero, or even if they don’t have a financial system.

Interoperability examples

Interoperability options

How we can connect you

Peppol open network

OpusCapita is a certified Peppol access point via which you can reach any partner in the Peppol open network.

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Interoperability network

We have interoperability agreements with over 50 network operators around the world with agreed electronic formats.

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OpusCapita network

There are over 100 000 companies – and growing – connected to our Business Network for direct, fast and secure message exchange.

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Direct EDI connections

When required, we can build a point-to-point connection between you and your given business partner for specific connectivity.

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In addition, small suppliers without a billing system or integration can register to our free supplier tools for invoice key-in, e-order receiving, and easy PO flip to e-invoices.

Other network operators

Who’s in our interoperability network?

OpusCapita has over 50 interoperability partners around the world.

Examples internationally: Basware, Tungsten, OpenText, CGI, Körber, Pagero, TietoEvry, EDB, Cegedim, Palette, Fitek, Omniva

Examples in the Nordics: Visma, Ropo Capital, Maventa, Notebeat, InExchange, Logiq, Posten

Ask for a specific network operator!

Direct B2B connections

2-corner model for specific needs

Although we encourage our customers to embrace standards and open networks with true interoperability, we do offer point-to-point connections when needed.

For example, when you have a trade partner without any service provider, our professional team can customize you a B2B integration for transforming and exchanging e-invoices and any other supply chain documents based on your structured data.

Let us know about your specific needs and we’ll help you find the best solution for them!

Our solutions using network interoperability

4-corner model

4-corner model

Sending via Peppol and the interoperability network is based on the 4-corner model, where the exchange is done via the open network between two operators. It’s an evolution from 2-corner model direct connections and 3-corner model exchange via a single network operator.

Each model is still valid today, however, the trend is towards the 4-corner model and open networks.

Automatic routing and channeling

Automatic routing and channeling mockup

Which interoperability option to use?

Our intelligent Routing Service collects sender and recipient information worldwide from various sources, such as national registers, public directories, bilateral data exchange agreements with other service providers, as well as the information you provide us. We store companies’ preferences for how to receive e-documents, so that you don’t have to retain it in your own system.

When sending out your documents, our system looks for all available routes, automatically decides on the best, most electronic delivery method, and delivers.

What are your interoperability needs?

Leave your contact info and our experts will be in touch to discuss your case.

Efficiency of ERP

in business integrations

How to get your suppliers and customers smoothly tapped into your business prosess? With a proper ERP integration, you can!

Interview with Mats Smedjebacka from the ERP provider Unit4, and Per Åberg from OpusCapita.

On the pulse of interoperability development

OpuaCapita actively participates in the international development of network interoperability, and we’re a member in international communities such as Peppol, EESPA, CEF and FeRD.