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Towards 5-corner model in B2B messaging

What are the current global trends in B2B messaging, EDI, and open networks?

What you should know about the 5-corner model &

Global trends in B2B messaging

What are the current global trends in B2B messaging (such as e-invoice and e-order exchange), EDI, and open networks? Watch my 15-minute talk, recorded in September 2022, on the journey from 2-corner up to 5-corner networks, and into the future. My name is Ahti Allikas, and I’ve expertized in business networks and B2B messaging for over 20 years.

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5-corner model and Peppol

The presentation shows an example of B2B messaging in a Peppol 5-corner network as an arrangement where service providers have an extended obligation to clear the exchanged documents and report that to the authorities.

The topics covered

What you’ll learn about B2B messaging

4-corner model

What is the 4-corner network, what is it mostly used for, and what the real benefits could be.


What does Peppol have to do with the 4-corner network and 5-corner networks?

Future trends

How B2B messaging works, and what trends is it facing from the legal and business process perspectives?

5-corner model

What is continuous transaction control (CTC) and how to balance between local regulations and global trends?

In just 15 minutes, you’ll get a good overall understanding of how standardized exchange, such as message exchange via Peppol, works together with compliancy to regulations in the 5-corner network.

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You can also start with an overview of different B2B messaging options, including the open networks, on our Interoperability page. It gives you a nice summary of all the ways you can connect to your business partners.

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