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Business Network

Multi-channel invoice and order exchange and invoice automation for connectivity, compliance and cost reductions

Tie invoices to orders

With Business Network

On the buy-side, exchange all purchase messages in one digital flow, and add PO matching and touchless processing to reach up to a 95% level of AP automation.

On the sell-side, receive e-orders, manage delivery, and send invoices in the most electronic way that the buyer can receive.

Service provider and network operator in one

End-to-end flow for your business

Gain efficiency, accuracy and lower costs by centralizing your full AP&AR processes for invoices, orders, and more, into one, interlinked hub.

Compliance with laws and standards

Enjoy full compliance with the e-invoicing standard EN 16931, Peppol, GDPR, and more, backed up with our deep know-how in various formats and standards.

Expanding network for buyers & suppliers

Enjoy extensive interoperability with all your partners via e.g. our network, Peppol, point-to-point integrations, and invoice key-in for small suppliers.

Business Network solutions

For the sell-side

Invoice Sending

Automatic billing via all channels & formats, boosting AR digitalization.

Go to Invoice Sending


Receive e-orders and send back confirmations and despatch advices from ERP.

Go 100% digital

Free supplier tools

Suppliers without a billing system can register to accept e-orders and send e-invoices with a PO flip.

Go to Supplier Onboarding

For the buy-side

Invoice Receiving

All your purchase invoices into one format in one flow, enabling AP automation.

Go to Invoice Receiving


Send e-orders from ERP and receive confirmations and despatch advices.

Make AP 100% digital

Invoice Automation

Replace manual invoice handling with AI-boosted, touchless processing automation.

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Ultimate visibility to all your transactions

Our best-in-breed monitoring of your Business Network flow allows you to see everything that happens in your network.

Compliant document exchange with all your partners


Our e-invoicing solution comes with full compliance with the EU standard EN 16931, Peppol, and more.

Go worry free on compliance


Connect to over 1 million business partners through a single connection via various options, including Peppol.

See how we connect you

Business Network Portal

All-in-one, interlinked hub

OpusCapita Business Network is a hub for trade with an expanding network effect; buyers can easily invite suppliers from small to large to join, and once registered, suppliers can connect to more buyers. It enables a fully digital supply chain document exchange where everyone knows exactly who, what, where, and how the transactions flow.

All Business Network solutions come with an online portal, available in multiple languages. It adapts to user roles, and the centralized user management allows easily setting access rights and roles for, for example, Track & Trace real-time monitoring, the approval workflow for touchless invoice automation, and more.

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