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E-invoicing is a superb way to start digitalizing your accounts payable & accounts receivable processes.

E-invoicing for financial efficiency

E-invoices are undeniably fast, efficient, and sustainable both at the accounts receivable and the accounts payable ends. A proper e-invoice system is an important building block for further digitization.

E-invoicing allows you to:

For AR, e-invoicing means lower transaction costs and shortened lead times. For AP, e-invoices eliminate the need for digitizing and boost invoice automation. In all, electronic invoicing is a door opener to comprehensive AR & AP automation.

Benefits of e-invoicing

Streamline your AP & AR processes

Reduce errors & cut down costs

Enable end-to-end digitalization

Get an e-invoice system

For the accounts receivable

Automatic invoicing via any channel and format, no matter if your customers request you to send e-invoices, PDF and paper invoices.

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For the accounts payable

All your purchase invoices from all channels and formats, no matter if you receive e-invoices, PDF or paper from your suppliers, directly into your workflow.

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Meet e-invoicing regulations

Our electronic invoicing software ensures your e-invoicing applicability, as it comes with full compliance with the EU standard EN 16931, PEPPOL – whatever you need to align your e-invoices with.

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PEPPOL orders and PEPPOL invoices - Ahti Allikas


Connect to an expanding network

Our services actively bring in more e-invoicing companies, today connecting you to over 1 million business partners through a single connection via various options, including PEPPOL, EDI, and more.

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E-invoicing for sustainability

Invoice paper takes up 10% of all cut trees

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the world under enormous pressure, and business processes with manual touchpoints are no exception.

To bid farewell to paper is a big decision. However, paper invoices are a weak link in invoicing and invoice processing, affecting your overall business. PDFs in the email might sound great at first, but it’s not as efficient to get all that invoice data into a system for electronic invoice management.

By moving to e-invoices, you will get an effective AP & AR process that brings savings and efficiency and is better for the environment. It’s a great help in adjusting to the new normal with increased digitalization, and it will help you sustain your business, putting You in control.

Go beyond e-invoices

Digitalizing AR & AP really starts from e-orders. Going 100% digital for all your supply chain messages takes less than you might think.

Digital supply chain by OpusCapita

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