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Accounts receivable solutions

Get paid on time, reduce costs and increase productivity with accounts receivable solutions that transition you to 100% e-invoicing

Today’s accounts receivable challenges

Improper AR management leads to unhealthy cash flows

Getting paid on time

How to reduce the amount of late payments, and ensure you can collect your money on time?

Increasing productivity

How to automate repetitive tasks, and let the AR team focus on reaching your big picture goals?

Controlling labor costs

How to avoid the ever-increasing costs for printing, postage, and reminder handling?

Getting rid of paper

How to boost the switch from paper and PDF invoices to full e-invoicing in your customer base?

A proper accounts receivable solution is critical for any business. Mitigate errors and missed or delayed payments – switch from paper & PDF to full e-invoicing.

Late payments cost money


A fast & trackable AR solution gets payments in

Late payments are a problem for most businesses selling on payment terms. On average, 48% of invoices are paid late, and the number has kept increasing since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. With a proper accounts receivable solution, your invoices get sent to your customer quicker, you get paid faster, and you always know the status of your invoices.

Automating the accounts receivable

First, maximize e-invoicing

A natural first step is an accounts receivable solution that sends all your invoices automatically in the most digital way your customer is able to receive.

Digital supply chain by OpusCapita

Then, add e-orders

Digitalizing the full O2C process enables receiving orders from your clients directly into your ERP, and sending back order responses and despatch advices.

Our accounts receivable solution

Send invoices via any channel – as e-invoices, PDFs in email or paper invoices -automatically digitalizing your accounts receivable process with a high ROI.

How to improve your cash flow position?

90% of electronic invoices are paid on time

90% of AR professionals claim that e-invoicing speeds up the collections process. E-invoicing also reduces the workload by 10-20 minutes per invoice. Automation can be your best friend, as an accounts receivable solution replaces manual processing, printing and postage with automated reminders, invoices, and payment notices. All this leaves more time for focusing on your big picture goals.

How to improve your cash flow position?

Industry-standard documents

Keeping up with formats such as PEPPOL, UBL, Svefaktura, EHF, Finvoice, and legal requirements such as EN 16931, is crucial. Luckily, an experienced partner can handle it for you.

Learn about compliance

Routing options

OpusCapita ́s intelligent routing service collects data worldwide about companies’ receiving preferences. When in use, it allows always sending in the most electronic format possible.

Learn about routing

Go beyond e-invoices

Digitalize your document exchange for the entire order-to-cash process from orders to invoices, enabling full automation and high quality. It takes less than you might think.

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