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Case Fully digital B2B sales is a large Finnish online retailer, very well known locally for their remarkable consumer sales. However, the company also has a notable B2B sales division, receiving electronic orders and sending back e-invoices via OpusCapita Business Network. This enables direct data exchange between the supplier’s and buyers’ ERP systems.

This interview with B2B Sales Director Lari Hevonoja discusses how leverages the benefits of this digitalization and how it helps the company reach their strategic goals.

Video: Lari Hevonoja from interviewed by Hanna Backman from OpusCapita.

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Growing the B2B sales

Started from garage sales 30 years ago, is today stock-listed in Finland with a turnover of 570M euros in 2021. The company is especially known by the Finnish consumers for its B2C retail, both online and in local megastores.

Less well known, also has nearly 50 000 companies as B2B customers that regularly make purchases from the B2B sales side of the retail. Last year, the company’s B2B turnover reached 120M euros. The B2B division has worked through a lot of changes to serve the B2B customers even better, today offering enterprise-level B2B customers also a possibility to place orders directly via their procurement system, using the OpusCapita Order-to-Cash messaging service.

Give a better customer experience

Start exchanging all your supply chain documents from orders to invoices, digitally.

E-orders for better B2B customer service

One of the important aspects of better B2B customer service is offering the possibility for exchanging orders and invoices directly between and the buyers’ ERP systems. “For this, we use OpusCapita as a partner. I think e-invoices are quite popular in companies, but to have e-orders coming directly into your ERP system is not so familiar to all. For example, we have customers that use SAP procurement systems, and thanks to OpusCapita, we get orders from there directly into our system. It’s also very convenient for the customer,” says Hevonoja.

In our implementation project with OpusCapita, everything went really well. The service is really benefiting us.

For, doing business digitally is incorporated in the company’s core, and offering a smooth digital service also to B2B customers is a natural part of it. “It’s much faster, it’s more reliable as there are less human errors, it reduces costs and it really helps in creating a good customer experience for our customers,” Hevonoja says. Coupling the e-orders with e-invoices further creates scalability for to grow. “The faster we get the orders in, the faster we can send out the deliveries. Our cut-off time promises that if an order is in by 2 PM, we ensure delivery the following day,” Hevonoja continues.

The faster we get the orders in, the faster we can send out the deliveries. OpusCapita enables a much faster connection for us.

All in all, Hevonoja stresses that digitalization helps suppliers to do better business with your customers, and encourages all companies to look into e-orders as well. Pioneering in digitalization, for it’s a part of the core existence. “With system integration and interoperability, you end up creating a sort of an ecosystem with your customer, or, one could say, you become a part of your customer’s ecosystem,” Hevonoja concludes.

That, indeed, is something for all suppliers to reach for. Lari Hevonoja - OpusCapita Order-to-Cash messaging case study

B2B Sales Director Lari Hevonoja is in charge of B2B sales at His division has put in a lot of effort to offer their customers the best possible customer experience, where doing things digitally is an incorporated part of the online retailer’s core strategy.

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