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The Peppol network and standard enable you to connect to your trading partners internationally via Peppol Access Points like OpusCapita.

What is Peppol?

Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is an interoperability infrastructure, co-funded by the European Commission and 18 government agencies. The goal is to simplify and standardize the B2G and B2B exchange of e-invoices, e-orders, and other supply chain documents.

Peppol strives to standardize on three levels: routing, document specifications, and network infrastructure.

” Peppol has a very clear benefit:
It is a message standard and it can be re-used, making it efficient and quick to set up. “

Alina Nilander, Development Manager, Peab

Peppol orders

Peppol orders are electronic orders delivered via the Peppol open network in standard formats like Peppol BIS Order only 3.2 or Peppol BIS Ordering 3.2.

OpusCapita solutions come with in-built support for Peppol orders.

E-orders are processed, delivered and received from buyer’s system to the supplier’s system within seconds. They’re fast & reliable, enabling high automation and efficiency.

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Send Peppol orders

When the buyer sends out an order, the order data is transformed from the original ERP or procurement system format to the Peppol standard.

Receive Peppol orders

When a supplier receives an order, it’s automatically transformed into the preferred format in the supplier’s order and delivery management system, all within seconds.

Exchange all documents

Suppliers and buyers can exchange all other needed business documents, like order responses, despatch advices, receipts and invoices, just the same via Peppol.

Automatic routing

Whenever the receiver doesn’t have the capability to receive via Peppol, our Routing Service automatically looks for another delivery method.

Send Peppol e-invoices

When the supplier sends out an invoice, the AR invoice data is transformed from the original ERP format to Peppol BIS Billing 3.0.

Receive Peppol e-invoices

When a buyer receives invoices, they’re automatically validated and transformed into the preferred e-invoice format in the workflow system.

Automatic routing

Whenever the buyer doesn’t have the capability to receive via Peppol, our Routing Service automatically looks for another delivery method.


Peppol e-invoicing

OpusCapita solutions come with in-built support for Peppol e-invoicing, using the Peppol BIS Billing 3.0 standard. Sending the invoice electronically from the supplier’s ERP to the buyer’s workflow system using standards significantly speeds up the AR & AR processes. Learn more!

Peppol orders & invoices

in Sweden & Finland

Peppol still holds massive unused potential. We asked two Peppol authority representatives, Keijo Kettunen and Anderz Petersson, about the journey of Peppol orders & invoices in the past, today, and in the future.

The fundamentals of the EESPA and Peppol infrastructures are explained by Ahti Allikas, our e-invoicing expert and a member of EESPA, Peppol, and more.

The Peppol network

Peppol easily connects you to other trading partners who are also using Peppol, eliminating the need to set up direct connections.

In addition to the cost savings and better accuracy from switching from paper to electronic, the Peppol BIS Billing format has become the standard in many countries. While this makes Peppol a compliance requirement, it also simplifies the exchange of electronic documents internationally.

How Peppol network works

OpusCapita is a certified Peppol Access Point


The sender sends an electronic document (an e-invoice, e-order, etc.) via their Access Point provider.


The Access Point typically validates the document and identifies the recipient’s Access Point.


The sender’s Access Point delivers the document to the recipient’s Access Point via the open network.


The recipient’s Access Point delivers the document to the recipient.

With our Business Network solutions, you can use the OpusCapita Access Point as one interoperability option to exchange documents with your trade partners that use other Access Point providers.

Peppol identifiers

Senders and receivers in Peppol are identified using ISO6523 identifiers. Depending on the country, they are organization IDs, VAT IDs, public sector IDs, etc.

To send electronic documents via Peppol, your receiver’s identifier must be found in the routing of the document. Similarly, to receive documents, your identifier must be found in the routing. OpusCapita Routing Service automatically handles this for you.

Peppol documents

Peppol processes are specified in documents called Business Interoperability Specifications (BISs). OpusCapita supports all the document types:

Peppol BIS Billing 3.0
Peppol BIS Ordering 3.2
Peppol BIS Catalogue with or without Response 3.1
Peppol BIS Despatch Advice 3.1
Peppol BIS Message Level Response 3.0

Make use of Peppol

All our Business Network solutions offer Peppol e-invoicing and e-ordering as a standard interoperability option.

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