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Invoice Automation

Next-generation invoice processing automation, boosted with artificial intelligence. Replace outdated accounts payable processes and sky-rise your automation level!

Invoice processing automation

No more manual work – our scalable, modern invoice processing platform receives your AP invoices, handles their approval workflow, and automates touchless processing, matching, and postings.

Process 95% of your received invoices automatically

Today, the typical invoice processing automation level is below 20%. Adding OpusCapita Invoice Automation alone allows raising the level up to 90%. Integration with an artificial intelligence solution can raise it further to 95% or even higher, with significantly reduced manual work and improved accuracy.

New era of invoice processing automation

Powerful modern technology

HTML5-based true SaaS solution guarantees accessibility, scalability, and smooth integration to ERP, AI, and more.

Versatile touchless automation

AP productivity and less manual work with a variety of matching options like PO matching, contract matching, and postings.

Dynamic & visual workflow

A visual approval workflow like never before! Transparency with clear processes for high automation and compliance.

Empower the data on your invoices

Use any piece of data on your invoices for approvals, postings, invoice data refining, and matching both on header and line-item level.

Case Newsec PAM Norway

Automated invoice process

See how a high PDF and paper invoice rate was turned into receiving 95% of the purchase invoices as e-invoices along with a rule-based approval workflow for 400 invoice approvers.

Next-level invoice automation

More AP productivity, less errors

Invoice receiving

Get all your invoices – e-invoices, PDF and paper – into the same workflow.

High invoice volumes

Rely on our scalable, highly sophisticated SaaS solution, optimized for high volumes.

3-way matching

Automatically cross-check that your invoice and other purchase documents match.

Automated postings

Use both header and line-level information and set default postings by your rules.

Visual workflow management

Define workflow steps in a clear visualization and see changes immediately.

Versatile options

Use any piece of invoice data for automation based on any business rules.

Role-based use

Allow approvers, AP team, and CFO each be guided in their role-optimized use flows.

Artificial intelligence

Match also non-PO invoices without manual work with an AI integration.

Reduce manual work – improve accuracy. Automate all manual routines in your invoice processing.

Invoice processing automation in action

Endless automation possibilities






Modern technology

A true SaaS solution from Microsoft Azure, with ~10 automatic version updates per year.

Browser & mobile

Responsive and scalable HTML5 UI, accessible also on mobile devices.

Invoice Receiving

Get all your purchase invoices (e-invoices, PDF and paper) automatically into the same workflow.

Invoice visualization

View the invoice image in the approval view, new window, or downloaded PDF. If an invoice doesn’t contain an image, it’s automatically created.

Role-based use

Guided use flows, optimized for the approvers, CFO, the AP team, and admins.


TLS encrypted browser access for users. Secure connection, GDPR and other compliance guaranteed.

Identify bottlenecks

Work in transparency – see all your invoice states and how many invoices are waiting for user actions in each state, so that you can e.g. ensure people complete manual reviews on time.

Define workflow in-house

Get the power of workflow management back to your AP team! Define your accounts payable cycle step by step using easy setup tools and a dynamic visualization.

See changes immediately

Work with a visual approval workflow like never before! See the impact of your changes on the overall workflow in a clear, dynamic visualization.

Standardize processes

Visual invoice flow also helps define clear, standardized internal processes, ensuring a high degree of automation as well as compliancy with both internal policies and external legislation.

Pre-define rules

Pre-define the rules and let the automation do the work for you. Automations can be based on your workflow definitions, rules on header or line-item level, or posting dimension settings.

Use data on your invoices

Any piece of data is at your use for refinement. For example, if invoices come in with data such as the contract number in an inaccurate field, automation can copy it to the correct field.

Automate manual routines

You can apply all the business rules you need, such as setting what data is required for which cost center, or defining who can approve how large bills.

Re-use in subsidiaries

In larger enterprises or groups such as store chains, define the workflow, matching, postings, etc. only once and then inherit them for use for the subsidiaries. Define once, maintain once, use everywhere.


Invoice matching

Go beyond 3-way matching

Make use of a variety of matching options. Compare the invoice on the header or line item level to the purchase order or any other document according to the criteria you set – in fact, you can use any available piece of data for matching.

Easily see mismatches

Set tolerances for when you want mismatches to be reported as errors, which you then see in guided manual matching.


Contract matching

Match recurring invoices

Link recurring and budget-based invoices to an approved contract, such as linking a rental contract to a premise owner. Invoices can then be automatically processed when criteria like contract number, supplier, and max amount match.

Import & handle contracts

Contracts can be added to the system and approved similarly to invoices.

Set tolerances

Set criteria and tolerances for when you want the invoice handling fully automated. For example, automate rent processing with a monthly recurrence and a 3%tolerance to the agreed rent amount to allow flexibility, for example, in case of index increases.

Pre-set postings

Have the system set your default postings automatically, including VAT, GL account, cost center, etc. The postings can automatically be filled in based on the matched data or any other available data.

Set dependencies

You can also set dependencies such as a given cost center always requires a given specifier before it can be approved.


The overpower of next-gen

3rd generation AP automation is true SaaS that gives the power of rule management back to your AP team and integrates incredibly smoothly to ERP, AI, and more.

AI to invoice processing

Touchless invoice automation meets artificial intelligence

1-min video: How to achieve a high automation level in invoice processing?

Automatic PO matching

All your received invoices – e-invoices, PDFs or paper – automatically flow into the system and are linked to the correct supplier. The contract or PO matching, approvals and postings are then done based on your company-specific AP process. This allows moving the great majority of the invoices to ledger automatically, without anyone having to manually handle them.

AI for non-PO invoices

For invoices that can’t be matched with invoice automation, artificial intelligence can replace manual processing. AI prediction uses data such as the supplier, cost center, or approver for matching. To top that, AI comes with machine learning that constantly trains the AI algorithm, making the AI prediction work even better the next time you receive a similar invoice. Over time, this will significantly reduce your need for manual processing.

5-min webinar highlights: AI to invoice automation with Snowfox & OpusCapita

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