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Document flow tools

Complimentary to all Business Network solutions, our monitoring and storage tools offer all you need for keeping track of your document exchange.

Monitoring & storage in Business Network

Track & Trace

Ultimate daily visibility to your transactions, topped with an extremely powerful search.

Discover Track & Trace


Smart insights to your document flow, formats, and channels for analysis and optimization.

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Long-term storage for all essential invoice data for book-keeping, audits, etc. for each invoice.

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Track & Trace

See all that happens in the network

Ultimate visibility

Discover the meaning of easy transaction follow-up in a real-time, transparent view to all that’s been recently sent and received – whether it’s e-invoices, PDF or paper invoices, or other supply chain documents, such as purchase orders – and share it with anyone in your organization without extra cost.

Maximum performance

Search as quick as lightning, Track & Trace finds you 200 000 transactions in less than a second, and visualizes 10M processed events daily.

That’s real-time monitoring at your fingertips.

Best-in-breed monitoring in real-time

Ultimate visibility

Get full transparency to everything that happens in the network with a visual transaction follow-up.

One view to everything

See all invoices, orders, confirmations, etc. that have been sent, received, processed, or rejected.

Access for everyone

Grant access for anyone in your company, e.g. customer service, to replace expensive ERP license costs.

A visual view to your network events

See both overview & details

Best-in-breed just got better

Track & Trace has just been entirely renewed. The new version comes with extremely high performance on high transaction volumes and fast search, topped with a great, visual user experience.


Smart insights for optimization

Reporting refines the Invoice Recieving and P2P Messaging data from Track & Trace, enabling analysis and performance optimization of your document exchange.

You have various reports in your use, including basic report to see your transactions in total and a report per supplier. The report per channel for monitoring the paper – PDF – e-invoice division is especially valuable if you have the Invoice Receiving Digitizing service in use, as it allows you to track how your e-transition is progressing and how much of your invoices still get received as paper or PDF.


All essential invoice data stored

Invoice Archive is an add-on for storing processed invoices for a preferred period of time, typically for 7-10 years.

The Archive stores data needed for book-keeping, audits, etc. for each invoice. You can search for archived invoices with easy and powerful search tools, with various search criteria options such as invoice number or a time frame.

Stored data:

  • Transaction ID
  • Invoice number
  • Sender & receiver
  • Processed files
  • Transaction history

Products that use monitoring & storage