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Modern Procurement Systems Bring Simplicity to Complex Business Environments

When operations are demanding and time is of the essence, an effective procurement process should bring simplicity and peace of mind.

For some of us, procurement is a relatively straightforward affair. I need a new phone and every two years I go into my e-procurement system, find the most expensive one (I’m worth it) and order it. But perhaps, I’m an anomaly – or more likely, I’m just not in the type of business where complexity is part of the whole construct (pun intended but you will have to read on to understand).

Parts procurement (for example) is everything in a business where equipment management is core to operations, as downtime can directly affect a company’s bottom line. Yet in equipment-intensive industries, parts catalogs may be extensive and the supplier base broad, so companies need a simple and effective procurement system for spare parts management.

From catalog management to purchasing and invoicing, modern web-based solutions can take the pain out of parts procurement. Now, there is a simpler way to manage supplier information, control your budget and make sure the right parts are available at all times.

Download the second chapter in our procurement eBook for a closer look at parts procurement. We examine some of the challenges of sourcing parts for equipment management and look at how equipment rental giant in the Nordics has solved the issue.

Simplicity for fast ordering

In the equipment management and rental business in which this company operates, there are thousands of makes and models of machines for mechanics to fix. So the company needed a way to make it fast and easy for mechanics to find the right spare parts. They chose a parts procurement solution from OpusCapita, with some clever features that make spare parts management even easier.

Topics covered in the eBook include:

  • The importance of an excellent online catalog for parts procurement from multiple suppliers
  • How ‘free text’ orders can be minimized
  • How ‘explosion view’ drawings can help with parts procurement
  • Why tight integration between procurement, financial and ERP systems means easier parts management

Read the rest of the chapter

This is the second of four chapters in OpusCapita’s latest procurement eBook, where we look at modern procurement through customer case studies from companies operating in a variety of industries.