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Business Network Release 2023-01


We’re continuously developing our products and services. Here are some highlights from this months’ Business Network development.

Business Network Platform 

Knowledge Base 

There is a new online Knowledge Base available in English as user documentation. You can access it via the Business Network Portal from under your username on the top right, or directly here.

Interoperability & messaging platform 

PEPPOL network update 

The PEPPOL release on February 5, 2023, will bring improvements to many of our Invoice Sending, Invoice Receiving, Order-to-Cash, and Purchase-to-Pay customers. The most relevant changes are rejection of messages with incorrect organization numbers, changes in some country-specific validation rules for invoices and credit notes, improvements in what document types are allowed for orders and order responses, and application of many business terms such as delivery times and line-level references. 

For OpusCapita customers, more information is available in our Customer Service Portal. 

For more information in public, see:  

The next PEPPOL release will be published approximately in half a year.  

Setting a routing preference 

Via the help of our customer service, you can now flag a “receiver-preferred route” in our routing database. In case where you’re sending documents to an e-address and the receiver has several active routes in directories such as Tieke to the same e-address, the routing preference allows marking how the receiver prefers to receive documents. Routing will then prefer the marked route over others in case of equal routes. 

Invoice Automation 

Selecting subsidiaries in reports 

When creating reports out of received and processed invoices, you can now select all or preferred subsidiaries of a company in an easy-to-use tree pane similarly to search. 


Want more details?

Detailed release notes are available for the administrators of our products and services in our Customer Service Portal.

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