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Business Network Release 2022-05


We’re continuously developing our products and services. Here are some highlights from this months’ development.


Improvements in the SLA reporting

Pie chart views have been added for Invoice Receiving and Purchase-to-Pay messaging reports. Customers can monitor their transaction volumes and processing times that are within the agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement) time. For Invoice Receiving customers, the chart view also shows the volume between electronic, email and paper invoices.


Routing improvements

We now regularly import data from PEPPOL and Nemhandel (the Danish e-invoicing network) directories to our routing service. This significantly improves the capability to find your receivers’ readiness to receive supply chain documents, such as e-invoices and e-orders, in an electronic format, boosting your digitalization even further.

Invoice Automation

Improvements on invoice fields

In Invoice Automation, there have been several small improvements for using invoice data in automations.

Labels are now copied to recurring invoices. For example, for monthly rent payments, you can add a HOLD label to hold all the rent payments from moving to ledger in the workflow. When you create recurring invoices with also labels included, each monthly rent invoice will contain the HOLD label.

Canceling posting confirmation is now available as a mass action. For example, you can select all the invoices from a given supplier whose invoices you don’t want to get paid, and cancel post confirmation as a mass action.

When defining automation rule conditions, you can now select values from a drop-down list to ensure they correspond to your available values.

Want more details?

Detailed release notes are available for the administrators of our products and services in our Customer Service Portal.