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Business Network Release 2022-06


We’re continuously developing our products and services. Here are some highlights from this months’ development.

Interoperability & Messaging Platform

Support for the new PEPPOL version

PEPPOL recently released a new main release. As a PEPPOL access point, we have upgraded to the newest release as scheduled to ensure your continued international interoperability.

Flexibility to adding new document types

Our messaging platform readily comes with an extensive support for different document types from credit notes to orders to goods receipts. This capability has now been improved further to handle any message types, including the ones not already on the platform. In practice, it means that if your needed document type isn’t there yet, it’s now very easy to add them – just ask us!

Improved problem solving

We have internally developed our ticket, error, and status handling, enabling us to serve you better. Our customer service is now informed faster about any incidents on the Messaging Platform, and allowing us to solve the problem faster.

Business Network Portal

Audit trail in user management

There is a new capability for user audit trail, which captures events such as when a user was created, and when and by whom the user was edited.

The audit trail is a chronological list of records for any changes made to the user. It includes the user’s basic information, such as name or contact details, as well as the role and access right changes. Any update made by human or system users is logged to the audit trail, and it can be accessed in the user profile information.

Invoice Automation

Supplier recognition

In Invoice Automation, you can now define suppliers to be recognized based on various invoice data, regardless of spelling variants or the like. Suppliers can be recognized based on the VAT number, supplier name, bank account number, EDI code, and contract or order number.

You can define, for example, the different VAT number variants, such as written with and without the country indication letters and map all these variants to the same supplier. The supplier is then recognized on an invoice no matter which variant is used on the invoice, significantly improving the percentage of your automatically recognized suppliers.

Want more details?

Detailed release notes are available for the administrators of our products and services in our Customer Service Portal.