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OpusCapita receives ISO 27001 certification for information security


OpusCapita has been certified for the international ISO 27001 standard on the overall information security management. While the certification is an official proof on ensuring security within our systems and practices in a very systematic way, it more importantly serves as a tool to keep as high a level as we can when it comes to security.

ISO 27001 is an auditable, internationally recognized specification to manage information security. It involves activities such as implementing an information security management system (ISMS), establishing and maintaining a systematic way of working with security from HR in terms of employee lifecycle to system security features such vulnerability and access management. Importantly, it involves also awareness and engagement of employees and the company management.

“The certification is an official demonstration that we at OpusCapita take security very seriously, that we have the needed system setups and that we prioritize a cybersecurity culture and awareness,” says Saara Lawson, Head of Security at OpusCapita.

The ISO 27001 standard is quite wide, and it’s divided into two parts. The first one deals with risk management, management engagement, internal audits, policies, and guidelines. The second part sets requirements for systems, physical sites and their security level, HR aspects from pre-employment screening to confidentiality agreements, compliance to data security, GDPR, laws and documentation. Meeting the requirements is reviewed regularly.

OpusCapita is entirely in the scope of the standard, making all of our organization in all countries ISO 27001 compliant.

“We have a responsibility towards our customers, and ourselves internally, to keep as high a level as we can when it comes to security. So, it’s not only about having this official certification. Instead, what’s important is that we work to develop our systems and practices in a systematic way, to always be at our best ability to respond to any potential security threats,” Lawson concludes.

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