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OpusCapita re-establishes its market presence


After a couple of years of rebuilding our technical solution foundation, we’re now ready for OpusCapita to relaunch to the market with our best-in-industry technology.

OpusCapita has been quiet in the market for the past years, but it’s been for a reason. We have been re-building the technical foundation that our solutions run on, and we’ve first wanted to serve our existing customers to move to the new platform.

Launched in our virtual event, OC Live, on September 21st, we now proudly present our offering with the best technology that the industry has to offer. OpusCapita has gone through a tremendous change during the last two years, turning into one of the most advanced and future-looking vendors of our services.

Watch the full video here:

Business Network: The best technology in the industry

Our new, re-built Business Network platform is now built on a best-of-breed, highly rated industry standard platform and technology. It’s secure, rapidly scalable and integrates your message exchange in an easy and structured manner.

Thanks to the new technology, our Business Network services now have a very high capability for identifying, converting and delivering not just your invoices, but any supply chain message types utilizing various industry formats and protocols. It provides speed, lower costs, and higher quality – all bound to give you a great customer experience. Further, Business Network is now building up to a “network of networks” – an entire ecosystem of trading partners that serves all stakeholders, provides real-time visibility and intelligence, and promotes collaboration among business partners.

eProcurement: Where great AP automation starts

Our eProcurement suite is positioned at the beginning of the value chain – handling all internal purchasing needs from simple to complex, goods to services. Our advanced capability allows placing purchase orders readily in an electronic format, and coupling them up with the other purchase documents throughout the delivery and invoicing processes.

Today’s OpusCapita eProcurement comes with standardized platform and functionality, enabling us to see substantially faster development of new features in the future.

Discover our offering

Our offering comes in two business lines – Business Network and eProcurement.

A launch to our growth strategy:

E-flow to buying & selling

The “new OpusCapita” delivers higher quality, faster implementations, and state-of-the-art products that are aimed for the future. Our solutions bring value-add to various industries, with high attention to segments such as technical wholesale, retail, construction, and manufacturing – industries in which we have helped streamline B2B trade for many years.

We understand the local markets and their compliance requirements especially in the Nordics and Central Europe, where we continue to focus our business. Our new platform is 100% PEPPOL compliant not only for exchanging e-invoices, but also all other message types such as e-orders, order confirmations, and despatch advices. We help our customers adopt advanced procurement and message exchange solutions that support gradual digitalization, minimizing the use of paper, emails, and manual processes, aiming for end-to-end digital processes.

Today, OpusCapita is substantially better positioned to deliver high-quality products and services for our customers’ digital trade than we have ever been.

Now let’s get that “e” flowing for you.

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