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Business Network Release 2024-04


We’re continuously developing our products and services. Here are some highlights from this months’ Business Network development.

Invoice Automation

Claim email templates inheritance

We’ve enhanced our system to allow for the inheritance of pre-existing claim email templates. This feature enables the utilization of claim templates utilized by the parent company across all child companies. These templates prove invaluable when sending requests, such as soliciting additional data for invoice processing. Furthermore, this functionality significantly streamlines administrative tasks, particularly in scenarios involving dynamic changes in company structure.

Invoice feedback/update interface

Our invoice feedback/update interface from third-party systems now allows users to be assigned to invoices using pre-existing approval groups. This streamlined process enables the utilization of ready-made groups, eliminating the need to recreate user groups in multiple systems.

Supplier data card

We’ve upgraded the supplier data card to display additional information without requiring users to open the full supplier details. For example, the VAT number is now readily accessible directly from the supplier data card interface.

Want more details?

Detailed release notes are available for the administrators of our products and services in our Customer Service Portal.

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