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Embracing the Future with a Cloud-Based EDI Messaging Platform

A transformative journey to a cloud-based EDI messaging platform   

As OpusCapita approaches its four-decade milestone, it is time to say farewell to legacy systems. Over the past three years, we’ve significantly invested in developing a new cloud-based EDI and e-invoicing messaging platform. This shift marks a new era in how we handle Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) and Order-to-Cash (O2C) processes, propelling us and our clients into a future of seamless, digital business communication.

The genesis of change – Farewell to legacy systems  

A few years ago, the project commenced with a comprehensive assessment of the essential elements needed to meet customer requirements for modern business data exchange. Simultaneously, we aimed to position ourselves for sustained excellence in this business well into the future. The evaluation highlighted the necessity to undertake a complete rebuild despite the initial challenges and discomfort associated with such a decision.

The decision for this transformation stemmed primarily from our reliance on outdated technology that had reached its end of life. The key requirements we were after were modern technology, cost-effectiveness, scalability, flexibility, security, and naturally good supportability. All this focuses on providing self-service, visibility and control, real-time tracking, and advanced reporting capabilities to our customers.

Our customers expected solutions that were not only modern but also cost-effective meeting their current needs and adapting to tomorrow’s requirements. For example, the dynamic e-invoicing markets are demanding solutions adaptable to local legislation and standards.

Our goal was to establish a platform that could ensure our success in the business also in the future So, in pursuit of excellence, we aspired to attain a best-of-breed status despite the cliché connotations it may carry.

A rebirth through challenges: The rebuilding process  

And so, our journey began. We meticulously assessed our requirements and envisioned the target state for our project. After careful consideration, we chose the WebMethods platform from Software AG, recognizing it as the ideal technology for our needs. It is backed by its reputation as an esteemed provider and praised by industry analysts.

Choosing the right foundation and leveraging the cloud advantage was imperative

Per Åberg

The platform presented the opportunity to construct a canonical flow, supporting pre-configured industry-standard mappings in electronic data interchange. Additionally, it offered seamless support for interfacing technologies and data transfer protocols.. Leveraging this platform allowed for real-time transaction monitoring and met our scalability goals.

We opted to host the service in the MS Azure cloud to further enhance scalability and efficiency. Addressing our security requirements was equally paramount, and while building the actual solutions, we ensured compliance with ITIL standards for customer service and ISO27001 for IT operations, providing a robust foundation for our project.

Cutting-edge technology and industry standards   

Our new platform is now constructed upon a top-notch, highly esteemed industry-standard foundation and cutting-edge technology. It boasts robust security and rapid scalability and seamlessly integrates your message exchange in a straightforward and organized manner.

Future proof, customer-centric and cost-effective solutions were targeted – and implemented

Per Åberg

Thanks to this innovative technology, our Business Network services now exhibit exceptional capabilities in identifying, converting, and delivering your invoices and various supply chain message types, leveraging diverse industry formats and protocols. This translates to increased speed, reduced costs, and elevated quality, promising an outstanding customer experience.

Moreover, the Business Network is evolving into a “network of networks,” forming a comprehensive ecosystem of trading partners that caters to all stakeholders. This development ensures real-time visibility and intelligent insights and fosters collaboration among business partners, further enhancing the overall experience.

Transitioning to the future – Final customer migrations and exciting opportunities ahead  

The final stages of customer migrations to our new platform are underway, and as we approach the end of Q1 2024, we are gearing up to switch off the lights on the legacy system and embrace the future.

As we finalize migrating our customers to this innovative platform, we’re preparing to transition away from our legacy systems fully. We’re excited about the new possibilities this cloud-based EDI messaging platform opens up, promising enhanced value and opportunities for our clients and partners.

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