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Webinar: Why are we still lacking invoice automation?


Although invoice automation – or coupling it with artificial intelligence – is nothing new, many organizations are still struggling with the lack of it, continuously handling a lot of purchase invoices manually.

In our webinar, we’ll raise reasons for why invoice automation still isn’t fully utilized in many companies, and how to tackle those challenges to get rid of manual invoice handling once and for all. The webinar discusses the currently ongoing changes affecting the invoice automation landscape, how automating the full purchase-to-pay process impacts your AP automation level, and how adding artificial intelligence will help you further. Combined, these solutions will eliminate the need of manual work almost entirely.

The webinar is co-hosted by Snowfox.AI and OpusCapita. Both companies have a wealth of experience working with a mid-size and large corporations, tackling all AP automation challenges you can think of.

The webinar is free of charge – book your seat now!

Join our webinar on Oct 19th, 2022, at 9 CET / 10 EET.

Endless automation possibilities

OpusCapita Invoice Automation allows you to automate manual routines in your invoice handling with AI-boosted accounts payable automation.

AP automation receives your purchase invoices, matches them with contracts & POs, and handles the approval workflow, all according to your company preferences.

Earlier with Snowfox.AI

We co-hosted an earlier webinar in May 2022, titled “Invoice automation & artificial intelligence in practice”. Watch 5-min recording highlights here.

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