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OpusCapita in Nordische Profis 2023 publication on Handelsblatt


OpusCapita and our Head of Business Division, eProcurement / S2P, Robert Saenger, were featured in Nordische Profis 2023 special publication distributed as an attachment to Handelsblatt in Germany in November 2023.

The article focuses on the importance of exchanging business documents such as catalogs, orders, order confirmations, and invoices effectively, reliably, and securely by utilizing best practices in the industry, lately especially the Peppol network—all this to ensure business continuity.

“Everything that is touched manually is time-consuming and error-prone. The end-to-end digitization of purchasing and sales documents not only simplifies processes but also makes them more precise. In other words, the processing of the transaction becomes more reliable throughout the supply chain”, says Rober Saenger.

You can find the article as a web article in German at

Read the English translation of the news below:

Digitalization of supply chain documents ensures business continuity 

In construction, mechanical and plant engineering, energy supply, and many other industries, orders and invoices for goods and services are exchanged with different suppliers on a daily basis. The transaction volume is enormous. In order for orders to run smoothly across countless cost centers and for business operations to run according to plan, supply chain documents must be processed in both purchasing and sales. The Finnish provider of finance and procurement solutions, OpusCapita, takes care of the digitalization and the associated automation of these processes.

OpusCapita uses Finnish digitalization know-how to ensure continuity in its customers’ operations. “Whether it is the procurement of small parts such as nuts and bolts, order confirmations for urgently needed construction materials, invoices for the maintenance of industrial cranes, or material orders for bills of materials and special parts in the spare parts business: our goal is to digitize processes throughout the entire supplier circle end-to-end,” says Robert Saenger, Head of Business Division, eProcurement / S2P.

“We also enable the individual supplier to create and send a sales invoice in electronic format,” Saenger continues. At the heart of this service is the management of massive data streams. For requisition processes or order approvals of the day-to-day business, goods, and services should be cataloged and made available in a web shop. Invoices received are processed and assigned to the correct account.

European industry standards as a basis

By using industry-specific EDI formats to route and exchange data, OpusCapita is able to implement processes easily and quickly. European standards such as PEPPOL ensure compliance with EU-wide regulations as well as interoperability of systems.

“Companies have often negotiated framework agreements with preferred suppliers from whose catalog they order,” says Saenger. “Anyone who also connects with us via the PEPPOL network can send data electronically using various business document types (relevant to them) to any European company already connected to Peppol.”  

This offers an invaluable added value, which companies from Nordic countries have been using for a long time. Saenger explains, “Even if suppliers are not yet connected to the Peppol network, there is the possibility of routing electronic traffic directly through the OpusCapita business network.” OpusCapita’s customers can therefore obtain services from already existing business partnerships via different networks and channels.

Compatibility also applies to customized solutions

From purchasing to sales, OpusCapita covers all process steps with its finance and procurement solutions. Although standards form the basis, the market cannot be satisfied with a single solution. The application always depends on the individual case.

“The degree of digitalization turns out differently for each company,” says Saenger. “Depending on the stage of development of the different customers, we adapt our solution to existing structures. We are a pragmatic company in the Finnish sense and look closely at the respective pain points to fill gaps where necessary.”

Less complexity, higher data security, and precision

“Everything that is touched manually is time-consuming and error-prone,” says Saenger. “The end-to-end digitization of purchasing and sales documents not only simplifies processes but also makes them more precise. In other words, the processing of the transaction becomes more reliable throughout the supply chain.”

Ultimately, OpusCapita helps companies keep key business activities running through continuity in procurement. “We reduce complexity,” concludes Saenger. “Anyone with an electronic address can use us to electronically place orders, create an invoice, and receive and send order confirmations.”


OpusCapita in numbers:

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International network with over 1 million organizations.

– 100 million transactions

We take care of millions of electronic transactions.

– ~1700 clients

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– ~250 employees

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