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OCI Silverlight end-of-life 12.10.2021


We have an important statement to share with you. We would ask that you carefully review the points mentioned below.

As we expect you are well aware, OpusCapita Invoices or Invoice Manager (OCI, IM) is built using Microsoft Silverlight, which is a Microsoft browser plugin. OCI software generation was designed in 2008 and after 12 years of deployment and operations, it has come to End Of Life (hereafter abbreviated to EOL). Nowadays the standard is to build SaaS applications using HTML5 technology as it does not require plugins on the client browser, meaning it works natively in browsers on desktops and mobile devices.

In this statement, we would like to lead your attention to these two related topics:

  1. Silverlight technology is soon coming to EOL.
  2. As a consequence, OpusCapita Invoices (OCI) support is equally soon coming to an end and we have to terminate OCI’s contract.

Your questions answered:

1. When will the OCI support and maintenance end date be?

The support for OCI will equally end on October 31, 2021. However, you might be able to continue using the application.

2. What happens when the Silverlight EOL date is reached?

When the Silverlight EOL date is reached, OCI is still usable but OpusCapita cannot guarantee service quality, since Silverlight is a plugin provided by an external party. More information about Silverlight’s end of life can be found here »

3. What options can OpusCapita offer us in this situation?

  1. Perpetual license for OCI On-Premise customers which means that customers will buy the license from OpusCapita and continue to use OCI at their own risk.
    • OpusCapita will not provide support to error/problem situations if there are no resources available. It will be based on time and material and there is no SLA offered.
    • The customer is responsible for technical prerequisites.
    • OpusCapita will not guarantee that the integrations to/from OCI will work after porting the installation.
  2. Continue using OpusCapita as an invoice automation software partner; we are happy to discuss the options of introducing and rollout the next-generation Invoice Automation solution. Based on the interest to continue with OpusCapita, please reach out to us to agree on the commercial terms and schedule. Based on our ability to support a move to Invoice Automation, we expect to be able to start this work at the earliest in quarter 4 / 2021.
  3. Migration path to one of our partners.

Options 1, 2, and 3 are such that OpusCapita can provide consultancy assistance on a time and material basis. In case number 3 will be selected, OpusCapita can still continue as your Purchase invoice receiving operator for eInvoices and digitized Invoices.

4. How does OpusCapita support extracting data from OCI services?

It is possible to configure an invoice image export from OCI which enables the invoice image extraction to e.g. an SFTP folder. In addition, it is possible to run an Excel report with needed information from OCI and create a link to the invoice image in Excel.

OpusCapita can support customers with the exports based on chargeable time & material basis.

Please contact OpusCapita’s ServiceDesk to get answers to your questions and guidance about the options we are providing.

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