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Antirio chooses OpusCapita as their VAN service provider for the Nordics


Antirio offers market-leading system solutions for procurement, ordering and purchasing analysis for customers in both the public and private sectors. Antirio covers solutions from procurement monitoring, sourcing to order and invoice-management as well as training and consulting services in procurement and purchasing.

The agreement with OpusCapita covers services for exchanging all types of electronic messages from catalogues to invoices. The agreement gives Antirio access to OpusCapita’s wide Business Network and gives the customers OpusCapita’s real-time Track & Trace monitoring, archiving tools, and easy onboarding of suppliers.

“We are proud to be Antirio’s partner for VAN services in the Nordics, and this agreement aligns with our strategy on expanding the use of our networks. We are very much looking forward to starting our collaboration with Antirio,” comments Per Åberg, Head of Business Network Products from OpusCapita.

“The partnership with OpusCapita is of significant strategic importance for our expansion of our system solution Kommers in the Nordic region as our combined solution will basically provide our customers with electronic connectivity to any party in region, including legacy protocols,” comments Ragnar Lindholm, Product Marketing Manager at Antirio.

About Antirio

Striving to build bridges between procurers and suppliers since the 1990s, Antirio is headquartered in Solna, Sweden, and owned by the investment company Pamir. Antirio’s offering consists of the e-Avrop procurement system, the Kommers sourcing and purchase system, as well as consultancy, training, and services for suppliers under the Pabliq brand.

About OpusCapita

Service provider and network operator in one, OpusCapita is a leading European provider of electronic invoice and supply chain document exchange, invoice automation, and procurement solutions. Our cloud-based solutions help businesses manage their procurement, supply chain, accounts payable and accounts receivable processes, lowering costs while improving control and supporting growth. 

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