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The popularity of Peppol orders in Finland – are you ready to meet the Finnish Peppol mandate?

The Finnish government requires that Peppol messages be taken into use with all suppliers while ordering goods and services starting April 1st, 2024. The mandate of Peppol orders in Finland will drive widespread adoption of Peppol in B2B messaging, making this the right time to review your organization’s supply chain capabilities.

Peppol is a network and a standard created for international messaging. Its goal is to make exchanging supply chain messages more uniform and straightforward in both B2G and B2B transactions.

With the versatile standard, organizations can send and receive e-invoices, orders, order confirmations, catalog information, and, in the future, logistics messages. The Peppol network in Europe consists of over 100,000 organizations and 500 service providers. The European Union drives the use of Peppol within Europe and worldwide.

The mandate of Peppol order in Finland for all suppliers goes into effect on April 1st, 2024

In Finland, Peppol is already extensively used in e-invoicing. Its use will become even more widespread as the Finnish government mandates that all its suppliers must be able to exchange Peppol orders and order response messages from April 1st, 2024. The mandate of Peppol orders in Finland covers all governmental organizations except the Finnish Defence Forces, which will follow later.

The Finnish government aims to make public procurement more efficient and drive the use of the standard in Finland with the Peppol order mandate. This echoes a previous initiative with e-invoicing, which spread rapidly in Finland after the governmental mandate. Today, e-invoicing is a standard practice in Finland and the e-invoicing rate is significantly higher, and practices between companies are much more uniform than in Sweden, for example.

The mandate of Peppol orders in Finland will lead to broader adoption of Peppol beyond the government and its suppliers. Many municipalities and well-being services counties are already part of the Peppol network, and the standard is increasingly used in B2B messaging. Thus, now is the right time for companies operating in Finland or working with Finnish companies or government agencies to examine the efficiency of their supply chain messaging. Using Peppol is worth considering, even if your company isn’t a supplier for the Finnish government. The benefits of Peppol grow as more companies and markets join the network. The increased use of Peppol is a great opportunity, especially for global companies and businesses fostering international supplier and customer networks.

OpusCapita’s Peppol solution

How to make the most of Peppol implementation

Make sure your company reacts to Finland’s Peppol order mandate in time. This is also a good time to explore what opportunities the standard could unlock in your organization.

Joining the Peppol network should be done strategically, not just to fulfill the government’s mandate. How can Peppol help make electric transactions more efficient and automatic? How to integrate supply chain messaging seamlessly into the ERP and how to utilize the data?

Implementing Peppol comes with many benefits. Using a single, standardized connection to all customers and suppliers offers cost savings, reduces the number of errors, makes administration easier, and increases transparency. Peppol also streamlines establishing new connections by eliminating the need for custom-built connections. In addition, Peppol is a cost-effective alternative even for small businesses compared to traditional EDI messaging.

Joining the Peppol network is straightforward and choosing the right partner will make the process even smoother and help you reap all the benefits of joining the network. We at OpusCapita have been involved in Peppol’s development since 2010. We’re an active member of the international OnePeppol community, meaning that we’re always on top of new possibilities and developments.

If you are OpusCapita’s customer, implementing Peppol is simple. Through our portal, even your smallest suppliers without their own ERP system can receive orders and send e-invoices according to the Peppol standard.

And if you’re not our customer yet but want to explore the possibilities of implementing Peppol and the benefits digitizing your supply chain messaging can bring, we’re here to help you find the right solution.

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