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Opuscapita Commitment to Employee Engagement

At OpusCapita we believe that our greatest asset is our people. To ensure our team members feel valued, heard, and engaged, we conduct comprehensive employee engagement surveys twice a year. These surveys, facilitated by a third-party vendor, are based on scientific research and cover 11 different areas of employee engagement. The surveys provide us with essential insights into our workplace culture and help us stay aligned with our core values: care, share, and dare.

Our survey results show a consistently good level of employee engagement, with a positive upward trend. The most recent survey results show an overall engagement score of 4.0 out of 5.0. This places us above the benchmark for technology companies and gives us feedback that our ongoing efforts to create a supportive and thriving workplace make sense.

Key Survey Highlights

The success of our engagement efforts is deeply rooted in our open culture and core values. Our highest scores reflect the strength of our internal relationships and the meaningfulness of our work:
Our top scores highlight areas where we truly stand out:

  • Relationships with Managers: 4.5
  • Relationships with Colleagues: 4.4
  • Meaningfulness and Participation: 4.3

These results emphasize the strong bonds and collaborative spirit within our team, both in relations with colleagues and managers. Our company culture, rooted in the values of CARE, SHARE, and DARE, plays a crucial role in strengthening these positive relationships. We genuinely CARE about each other. We SHARE knowledge and experiences and encourage open communication across all levels of the organization, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. We DARE to innovate and take on new challenges together.

Listening and Acting on Feedback

These values also guide our approach to how we respond to feedback. While we are proud of our achievements, we also recognize areas where there is room for improvement. We take every piece of feedback seriously. The comments and suggestions shared by our employees are instrumental in driving positive change within our organization. By actively listening to our team members, we can identify areas where we excel and those that require attention. For example, our lowest score in a recent survey was 3,7 in the area of workload. We understand the challenges this represents and have already been working on improving workload management. We are seeing progress and remain committed to making further improvements to ensure a more balanced and supportive work environment for everyone.

After each survey, we hold team meetings to discuss the results and decide on key areas for improvement. We focus on a couple of priorities we will be working on together during the next months and develop action plans.

This collaborative approach ensures that every team member not only has a voice but also is responsible for shaping our workplace.

Moving forward

Employee engagement is not just a metric but a vital component of the way we work at OpusCapita. By regularly checking in with our team members through biannual surveys, we ensure that our workplace remains vibrant, inclusive, and forward-thinking. Conducting regular surveys is not the only way we are gathering employees’ feedback. By supporting open communication in our everyday work life and addressing concerns promptly, we stay true to our core values. We look forward to continuing this journey together, celebrating our successes, and tackling challenges head-on.

Thank you to all our employees for your invaluable contributions and dedication to making OpusCapita an exceptional place to work.

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