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Receive e-orders to your ERP and send back response and delivery documents for fully digital Order-to-Cash process, automation and high quality.

Hassle-free order-to-cash process

Message flow into your ERP

Exchange supply chain documents in direct ERP integration, enabling you to act fast and speed up your cash flow.

Messaging the way your buyers want it

Your order response, despatch advice and invoice data is always delivered according to how your buyer prefers to receive it.

Interlinkage of all documents

Reach a zero error process – know exactly which order, confirmation and despatch advice corresponds to which invoice.

Compliance to laws & requirements

Meet any requirements set by the buyer process needs or legal compliance without worrying – we’ll handle it fully for you.

Receive validated O2C sales orders directly into your ERP, and respond to them digitally for a fully electronic O2C process.

What if you could significantly improve the end-to-end control of your customer’s ordering and invoicing experience?

Hassle-free O2C process

O2C messaging continuously validates, transforms, and exchanges document data for you. It receives orders from your buyers into your ERP, and delivers order responses, despatch advices, invoice, and more, back to your buyers.

Transparent O2C process

See all that happens in your order-to-cash flow

Monitor all transactions in our best-of-breed Track & Trace to solve errors and to optimize inventory and delivery.

Fully digital B2B sales at

“The faster we get the orders in, the faster we can send out the deliveries.”

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