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Invoice Sending upgrade

Your current service is coming to it’s end-of-life and needs an upgrade. Our warm recommendation is our new service which runs on the best technology that the industry has to offer.

New era of Invoice Sending

As your current platform is coming to its end, it’s time to switch you to our new Invoice Sending platform. The good news is, it comes with many superior, future-proof capabilities.

Sounds interesting? Learn more below!

Watch a 1-min video: Why upgare? >>

Why upgrade?

Handle invoices faster with lower costs

Enjoy seamless & compliant invoice sending as e-invoices in all formats, and when needed, also PDFs or paper.

Speed up your e-transition

Benefit from automated channel management and gain more e-invoicing receivers, speeding up your billing.

Give visibility to all who need it

Allow easy, real-time monitoring for all who need it with our best-in-breed Track & Trace follow-up tool for no extra cost.

The new Invoice Sending

Invoicing that e-transitions you

In the new Invoice Sending service, you have all your invoices processed and delivered as e-invoices in any format, PDFs in email, or paper, compliancy & superb connectivity guaranteed. Enjoy seamless data flow from your ERP to billing, automatic data processing, routing and channeling, as well as archiving of all your invoices sent.

Enjoy the reliability and security of our cloud environment, constant invoice flow monitoring and data validation. Have your invoices sent out immediately, significantly speeding up your billing process, shortening your DSO, and collecting your payments faster.

What others say about the new platform

“The OpusCapita service also gives us more channels. For example, we’re obliged to send as PEPPOL to other governmental organizations, but we must provide other options, as well.”

Bo Claesson, System Administrator for financial systems, Sveriges Domstolar

This and more case studies at

Does this sound interesting to your business?

If yes, we’d love to book a meeting with you to discuss the potential for your organization.

Gain more e-invoicing receivers

Without any daily effort

Stop putting effort into maintaining your customers’ delivery preferences, as our solution continuously checks for the receivers’ e-invoicing capability for you. Whenever possible, your invoices are sent out electronically, reducing PDF and paper delivery and lowering your price per transaction. In addition, you can boost your digitalization further by easily campaigning for more of your invoice receivers to register for e-invoicing, in our complimentary Business Network Portal.

Give visibility to all who need it

In our best-in-breed Track & Trace

Discover the meaning of easy transaction follow-up by granting access to track&trace for anyone in your organization without extra cost. Business Network Portal provides a real-time view to all data that has been exchanged and sent, including e-invoices, PDFs sent by email, as well as paper invoices. The simple portal view makes it also easy, for example for your customer service team, to see, download and exchange billing event data in their interaction with your customers.

How about getting started fast with a low-cost implementation? Let’s discover the potential for your organization.

How to proceed?

Upgrading to our new future-proof Invoice Sending solution proceeds as follows:


Let us know you’re interested and we’ll be in touch shortly to book a meeting with you.


Our service professionals evaluate your migration needs and make you an offer.


Accept the offer and your upgrade & migration project is ready to start as agreed.

Dont’ miss the deadline

Your current service will come to an end at the end of 2022. In order to ensure we have everything set up for the new Invoice Sending for you by then, sign up for a meeting with us. Our professionals will then evaluate your individual migration needs and make you an offer.

We want to continue as your supplier and offer you all the benefits listed above. We really hope to see you upgrade your existing solution to our new future-proof Invoice Sending / O2C solution. However, if we can’t come to an agreement, we unfortunately can’t help but end the service delivery at the end of 2022.

Let’s get your new service up and running before that!

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