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Case LocalTapiola: Comprehensive process support

Comprehensive partnership supports finance and business processes

The LocalTapiola insurance company and OpusCapita have been working together since the beginning of this millennium. During this time, the cooperation has expanded from monetary transactions to eInvoicing and document digitization. There have been numerous changes in the operating environment during the many years of cooperation: for example, the transition to SEPA and corporate restructuring in both companies, most recently in 2012 with the merger of the Tapiola Group and the Local Insurance Group.


The company needed a reliable long-term partner that monitors developments and changes in the sector. LocalTapiola was among the first in its sector to introduce electronic invoicing.


OpusCapita’s payment transaction solution handles the entire LocalTapiola Group’s outgoing payment traffic and incoming monetary transactions to and from banks. Every year OpusCapita transmits over a million electronic sales invoices to LocalTapiola’s consumer and corporate customers and is an operator for incoming claims. OpusCapita also scans insurance and claim documents and delivers the scanned information to LocalTapiola for archiving.

”As a customer, we have always felt that we are being looked after, and our customer relationship has been good even during periods of change. The most important thing is being able to trust the supplier and the fact that help is always available if needed,” say, Henna Maja, who is responsible for payment transaction services, and Marke Wennervirta, who is responsible for invoicing services, who are both from LocalTapiola Services.

Over a million e-invoices

OpusCapita’s payment transaction solution handles all of the LocalTapiola Group’s payment transactions, which adds up to over a million payments each month. The solution is used by all of the companies in the LocalTapiola Group. The Local Tapiola Services’ payment transaction unit handles, for example, the monetary transactions and bank accounts of the LocalTapiola Life and LocalTapiola General companies. The pension data of Elo, LocalTapiola’s employment pension insurance partner, is also forwarded for payment through the same system.

“It is vitally important that the payments are sent to banks at precisely the right time and that the compensation data of the regional companies are timed to avoid queues. OpusCapita’s experts are well acquainted with our multiform system environment, which is a huge benefit when working with such a huge arrangement,” says Maja.

Every year OpusCapita also forwards over one million eInvoices to LocalTapiola’s consumer and corporate customers. These are currently mainly insurance payment invoices, and the invoice data is compiled every day from the accounts receivable.

“We were among the first in our sector to introduce electronic invoicing. As a major invoice, we asked banks to include functionalities, such as a cancellation option, in eInvoices. The fact that we have a partner that monitors developments and changes in the sector on various forums is a benefit for us,” says Wennervirta.

“We have a good partnership, which means that OpusCapita actively suggests development ideas and we are able to make our own needs heard. OpusCapita provides good support for our own activities and development work.”

Henna Maja and Marke Wennervirta, Payment transactions and invoicing services unit, LocalTapiola Services.

Fast processing of insurance and claim documents

OpusCapita also helps the insurance company with the processing of insurance and claim documents. For example, OpusCapita is an operator for the electronic invoices that service providers, such as car repair garages and health care providers that take care of claim events, send to insurance companies for payment.

LocalTapiola has also partly outsourced the scanning of its insurance and claim documents to OpusCapita. The incoming paper applications are scanned, and the information is stored and delivered to LocalTapiola, where the scanned information is then forwarded for archiving. Marko Timonen, Service Manager at LocalTapiola’s ICT services explains that there is a direct link between service quality and customer satisfaction.

“The information on the forms must be made available quickly and accurately to allow the compensation processors, for instance, to provide a good service to their customers. Therefore the process must be highly-developed and must function well. We at the ICT services also feel it is important to react quickly to any fault situations in production. OpusCapita now provides the level of service that we want.”

The production situation and development ideas are discussed at regular meetings. Together we assess parts of the compensation handling process, for example, to see where the handling of documents could be intensified and automated further

The LocalTapiola Group is made up of LocalTapiola General and the regional companies, and the national LocalTapiola Life, LocalTapiola Asset Management and LocalTapiola Real Estate Management companies. The group of companies has nearly 1.6 million customers.