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Realstocks chooses OpusCapita as their Invoice Sending partner 


Realstocks partners up with OpusCapita to provide an integrated Invoice Sending service as a part of the Realstocks platform for the loan providers to automatically send out invoices via customer-preferred channels and formats. 

Realstocks is a fintech startup company that offers a fully automated digital loan management platform for borrowers and lenders to negotiate, sign and manage their loans completely digitally. Now, also fully integrated invoicing becomes a part of the capabilities. 

The OpusCapita Invoice Sending solution automatically extracts and validates invoicing data in direct integration with the loan management software, and delivers the invoices in the most electronic way that the customer can receive. Primarily, the service looks to send invoices as e-invoices in the preferred format, be it Peppol, Finvoice, Teapps, Svefaktura, etc. If the customer can’t receive e-invoices, the service looks to send the invoice as a PDF as an email attachment or as a last resort, a printed out paper letter via landmail. This “e-invoice first” ideology is enabled by an intelligent routing service, which continuously collects address data from multiple sources, gradually growing the portion of electronic invoicing within the service. 

Invoice Sending will be a welcomed additional capability to the offering of Realstocks, enabling their loan providers to automatically send out related invoices. “Collaborating with OpusCapita to offer integrated Invoice Sending adds valuable convenience to our platform, benefiting our clients with seamless and flexible invoicing options alongside our comprehensive range of services”, says Ted Roberts, CEO at Realstocks. 

”We’re excited to be able to serve Realstocks’ need to send out invoices flexibly and in full integration via all invoicing channels, and we’re happy to get to support also Realstocks’ customers in their e-transition journey towards 100% e-invoicing,” states Heikki Pulli, Sales Director at OpusCapita. “We’re looking forward to great cooperation together,” Pulli concludes. 

About Realstocks 

Realstocks was founded in October 2018 in Finland and has a subsidiary in Switzerland. The founders have extensive experience from the traditional capital markets and asset management business, and the company is out to change the way European CRE loans are conducted by automating and digitalizing the full loan negotiation process to benefit both professional borrowers and lenders through time & cost savings.

About OpusCapita

Service provider and network operator in one, OpusCapita is a leading European provider of electronic invoice and supply chain document exchange, invoice automation, and procurement solutions. Our cloud-based solutions help businesses manage their procurement, supply chain, accounts payable and accounts receivable processes, lowering costs while improving control and supporting growth. 

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