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eProcurement Release 2021.4


We’re continuously developing our product and release the new capabilities quarterly. Here are some highlights from this quarters’ development. For an extensive list of the release content, please refer to the release notes delivered to all existing customers by email.

Text Localization (all modules)

eProcurement now has a new, interactive way for translating and localizing user interface texts on the fly, both for standard and project-specific versions. In addition, importing standard messages has been improved, and there is a new comparison report for deleting conflicts in translation between standard and project specific versions.

The improvements are especially beneficial for international companies that provide eProcurement in multiple languages.

Improvements in Product Editor (SSM)

There is a new Product Editor to replace the old one in all use cases, e.g. for process lists and details, supplier catalog reports, frame agreements, supplier and customer workflows, and re-publishing catalogs.

The new Editor allows creating a new version of a catalog from any selected version.

In addition, showing default attribute values has improved, you can now edit products directly in product details, and you have more possibilities with customizable columns.

Configurable product details page (OPC)

Administrators can now configure the product details layout. There are 4 standard schemas which you can edit, and you can shift parts of details with an easy drag & drop. It’s also possible to hide unwanted information completely, and edit the columns layout of forms.

This provides extensive flexibility in showing the requisitioners only the relevant items and information depending on your specific needs, enabling improved guided buying.

Purchasing Agreement for a Purchase Order (PROC)

It is now possible to add a Purchasing Agreement to a Purchase Order. The new capability comes with a rich text editor that you can access directly from the purchase order editor, topped with a possibility to select predefined clauses for building the agreement.

The purchasing agreement is also included in the Purchase Order PDF document.