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Are you prepared for the mandatory e-invoicing in Poland in 2024?

Learn about mandatory e-invoicing in Poland in 2024, what changes will take place, and how you will proceed with those.

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Mandatory e-invoicing in Poland

How to meet the e-invoice mandate 1st of July 2024

Can you meet the requirements for issuing invoices in Poland from 1st of July 2024 onwards? Have you set up a process to receive e-invoices from the government portal?

Join our webinar to learn more about how to comply with the mandate and automate your e-invoice sending and receiving. If you are doing business in Poland the e-invoice mandate will impact you.

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Sami Nikula

Sami has been working over 20 years in e-invoicing industry turning customer requirements into innovative solutions globally.

Mariusz Jastrząb

Mariusz is an expert on analyzing business requirements and on building processes and applications enabling compliance in e-invoicing landscape.

OpusCapita solutions for e-invoicing in Poland

Webinar topics

How to comply with Poland e-invoicing requirements?

Poland 2024 mandate

What are the requirements? Who is impacted? What is the role of government portal KSeF?

Solution for senders

How to comply with the requirements and issue invoices in KSeF?

Solution for receivers

How to receive all invoices as e-invoices via KSeF?

Next steps to be compliant

What do you need to do next? How can OpusCapita help?

The webinar will explain what the e-invoice mandate in Poland is and how you as sender and receiver of invoices can comply with the requirements.

Comply with the Poland e-invoicing mandate 2024!

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Also, you can find out more about how we at OpusCapita E-invoicing in Poland, or learn more about our solutions for Invoice Sending and Invoice Receiving, including examples, videos, and illustrations on our website.

If you have any questions, the OpusCapita team is always here!