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OpusCapita HQ in Espoo

Located in the capital region of Finland, our headquarters brings together multiple fields of expertise.

OpusCapita headquarters

An international environment, our HQ is located at the Alberga Business Park in Leppävaara, Espoo, surrounded by other growing businesses.

The headquarters brings together employees from multiple nationalities and multiple fields of expertise from finance to sales to product teams.

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OpusCapita Solutions Oy

Bertel Jungin Aukio 3D
02600 Espoo

Phone: +358 29 156 5000

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Working at OpusCapita Espoo

Historically, OpusCapita has been present in the capital area since the 80s. In March 2021, we moved our headquarters to the new premises in Espoo. We are in Leppävaara in the Alberga Business Park, with similar businesses nearby, making it an exciting place to be in. What’s more, it is the third biggest public transport hub in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

OpusCapitans like the new facility. One of Espoo office regulars, Competence Center Manager Mikael Schedin describes it best: “The Espoo office provides great modern space for individual work, meeting rooms and last – but not least- areas to hang out with colleagues over a cup of coffee”.

Employees decide

We named our meeting rooms after big lakes in Finland: Saimaa, Päijänne, Inari, Kallavesi. We had an internal contest where all employees globally could propose the naming for the rooms. The winning names were proposed by an employee who is located in Latvia and he recognized Finland as “the land of thousands of lakes”. This contest also says much about our company culture, where employees can decide, and everyone is welcome to state their opinion. Visit our Careers page to learn more about our values and read how remote work brings out the best of our culture.

What is great here, too, is that often by the coffee machine, you hear conversations happening in English and Swedish, as our Espoo staff consists of people from around the world. We are a truly international company and we cherish the fact that we have talents in our teams regardless of background, only based on skills.

We regularly look for new talents, so you are welcome to check out the open positions. If you don’t see any openings in your location, you can leave an open application.

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Meet for example us at Espoo

Kristiina Hakala

Sales Executive

Mikael Schedin

Competence Center Manager

Kati Kaivaara

Head of Customer Service

Tomi Marttila

Group Controller

OpusCapita Espoo fun facts

Work-life balance

We currently have ~25 employees on the Espoo site, freely choosing when to come to the office and when to work from home.

Gender balance

Our average age is 47 years, ranging from 29 to 63. 44% are females, worth noting in the IT sector typically dominated by men.

Mix of nationalities

Multi-channel invoice and order exchange and invoice automation for connectivity, compliancy and cost reductions.

Mix of functions

Some examples of our fields of expertise in Espoo include finance, legal, product, sales & marketing, services & operations and IT.

Billing information

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Postal address:
OpusCapita Solutions Oy
Bertel Jungin Aukio 3D
02600 Espoo

VAT number: FI28468254

Bank information
IBAN: FI77 8013 2710 0250 93

E-invoice address: 003728468254
E-invoicing operator: E204503
PEPPOL e-invoice address: 0037:28468254

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