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Digital construction supply chain

For construction companies with email, phone or paper-based processes, our Business Network solutions create a digital construction supply chain with electronic order, delivery and invoice handling.

Order, delivery & invoice management

Digital construction supply chain without hassle or hiccups

Many have tried to digitalize construction by buzzing about new, seemingly solve-it-all platforms and apps.

But too often, they fall short.

You don’t need an app jungle for well-flowing digital construction supply chain.

Instead, the decades of experience in e-invoice and e-message exchange via Peppol, traditional EDIFACT and supplier portals will get you there, smoothly and securely.

Digitalize smoothly with an experienced partner

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Digitalize your order, delivery & invoice handling.

Exchange e-orders, order confirmations, shipment advices and invoices in direct integration to your ERP or other system. It connects the sites to the suppliers, and enables barcode scanning at deliveries, automated invoice handling, and more.

We’ll do it for you with 4 decades of experience.

OpusCapita solutions are used by ~1700 customers

Are you..?

General contractor

Trying to keep track of all those subcontractors? Juggling with massive amounts of orders, deliveries and invoices flowing through your sites – and the constant changes to the scheduling and the build?

Control purchasing


Balancing between getting the needed goods and workers to the site on time? Or managing the delivery and invoicing of both goods and services with your general contractor? How often do you spend time on sorting out unclarities?

Link orders to invoices


Trying to meet those ever-changing delivery schedules and keep track on what exactly has been ordered to where? Struggling with order inaccuracies and last-minute changes coming in via email or phone calls?

Control deliveries

Construction needs to take that digital leap

Your company isn’t alone. The entire industry is now finally waking to the need for a digital construction supply chain. As one important aspect, steps are now taken towards a truly electronic order, delivery & invoice handling process between contractors and suppliers.

It’s time to take that productivity leap.

Go digital for purchase-to-pay

Or contact us to discuss your specific case.

Wild spend & app jungle

Too many construction companies still can’t get all their sites to purchase within frame agreements. And too many site offices still have that someone typing in papers that contractors keep carrying in.

Adding just another disconnected app won’t help

Lack of data trail prevents analysis & optimization

Unclear orders & invoices

In large projects, you’d need to know exactly who, what, how much, when, and to where.

Emails and papers are very error-prone

Lack of standards keeps the complexity up

No documents means no proof of responsibility

Random deliveries & storage struggles

Lack of clear orders, order confirmations, and delivery schedules leads to uncontrolled deliveries.

The sites can’t store untimely deliveries

Unprecise orders leave no data trail for error solving

The industry is full of cool new apps and platforms.

They can get you lost.

To build up your digital construction supply chain, you need a partner that is experienced in message exchange, Peppol, EDI, and more. Our 4 decades of experience will take your efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and ability to use automation to a whole new level.

You need a productivity leap beyond just talk.

Digitalize your order, delivery & invoice handling

With a truly digital construction supply chain, you’ll know exactly what has been ordered, delivered, received and invoiced. You’ll keep track of your suppliers and ensure auditable documents.

No hassle, no wild spend.

Start gradually in 5 steps

Or contact us to discuss your specific case.

E-orders and barcode scanning

Forget phone and email – go for electronic orders, order confirmations, and goods receipts.

Efficiency and clarity in ordering

Controlled use of contracted suppliers

Enable scanning deliveries with mobile phone

E-invoices and invoice processing automation

Handle up to 95% of your invoices automatically.

Match e-invoices automatically to orders, contracts, etc.

Offer a free online portal for your small suppliers

Digitalize your construction supply chain

“We can ensure that ordered goods have been received and the invoice actually matches what was received.”

Alina Nilander, Development Manager at Peab on using Peppol orders and goods receipts on their sites, via OpusCapita.

Time for builders to learn from the digital supply chain in industries like retail, wholesale, or manufacturing?

Don’t stay stuck in the past. Our message exchange professionals will take your efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and ability to use automation to a whole new level.

Catch up with those other industries the smart way

Modern P2P will bring you:

⭐Purchasing within frame agreements

⭐Just-in-time deliveries

⭐High automation

5 steps to P2P productivity leap

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You can also contact us directly to discuss your specific case.

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