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OpusCapita’s journey to high-quality PDF data capture

OpusCapita has joined forces with ECIT Digital AS to bring forward cutting-edge AI-based PDF data capture capabilities, enriching OpusCapita’s e-invoice receiving services with world-class data accuracy. This is a story about that journey by Jenni Klaesson, Product Manager (E-invoice Receiving) at OpusCapita

It all started with a need

OpusCapita has had an outsourced provider for PDF data capture since 2017. The contract with the old partner was coming to an end, and there had been challenges along the way. We faced quality issues such as incorrect data capture, repetitive errors, unreliable lead times with projects and change requests, not fulfilling customer expectations, and failing to deliver according to SLAs. Many of these challenges were naturally addressed with the old partner, but we were not able to change the game in the way we wanted.

Search for a partner began!

So, in mid-2022, we began a search for a new partner. We did not really consider having an in-house solution since, based on our strategy, we did not want to have this kind of partly manual service production in-house. We are also focusing on developing our new cloud messaging platform and meeting customer requirements about e-invoice compliance in different countries going forward. So naturally, we wanted a partner to provide and deliver the PDF capture capabilities for us and work with us as part of our e-invoice receiving offering. We envisioned that having an industry expert to provide this service with modern technology would be the best move for us and our customers.

Expectations for a new partner were high

Requirements for a new partner were ambitious. The number one requirement was extremely high data capture quality. Other requirements were willingness to adopt our product and delivery model, capability to successfully execute migration, and willingness to invest and develop in future technologies such as machine learning and AI. It was also important to how the solution itself was built concerning efficiency and technology that supports any future quality improvements. Cost efficiency was a built-in requirement, but not at the cost of quality.

“Ability to deliver extremely high quality and the solution being future proof were main selection criteria’s”

Jennie Klaesson

Partner selection

After partner evaluation and several discussions, we chose ECIT Digital AS, a Norwegian-based company with a validation center in Sibiu, Romania, for our new PDF data capture partner. This was the right choice. They delivered all the key requirements. There were no changes or going back and forth concerning what was agreed upon. Migration exceeded all expectations regarding project management, timelines, and change management. ECIT was really committed to the migration phase. Read more about ECIT’s solution:

“Project was amazing. Great and motivated people made that smooth”.

Jennie Klaesson

Fluent day-to-day cooperation

Today, we have a very good and close relationship with ECIT. We are truly working together to find solutions for our customers. Cooperation is excellent. It’s all about the working relationship and willingness to have state-of-the-art production. For example, there are no repetitive issues at all. If there are issues, they are solved, and we move forward.

Customer satisfaction

Many customers have reported having a way better solution today. There are no incidents. Customer feedback includes: “We could not ever think the transition would have been so smooth,” “Since the migration, we have not seen any errors we need to report as quality incidents.”

“We are very happy with the service and so are our customers.”

Jennie Klaesson

Next steps? 

The next step in cooperation is to look at our product portfolios and see where we could deepen the cooperation. In March 2024, ECIT became OpusCapita’s reseller for e-invoice receiving solution. We have a solid foundation to build a brighter future for our customers here. Let’s see what the future holds!

Strengths in strengths

What makes the OpusCapita and ECIT combination unique and competitive is that both parties can focus on what they know best. A high-quality, automated, AI-enabled data capture process combined with a legacy-free e-invoicing platform and modern invoice automation that can solve complex customer problems with super configurability. What else do you need? Oh yes, ease of use and full transparency to processes with rigid control. But we have all those. Future, here we come!

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