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Case Sveriges Domstolar: Multi-channel invoicing

Sveriges Domstolar sends invoices effortlessly via channels their customers prefer

Sveriges Domstolar, the Swedish National Courts Administration, is an administrative authority that serves approximately 80 courts all over Sweden under the Ministry of Justice.

In the accounts receivable side, the organization sends invoices via OpusCapita to both citizens and companies who order copies of official documents, such as court decisions. In addition, Sveriges Domstolar uses OpusCapita services on the accounts payable side for sending electronic orders and receiving invoices.

Effortless invoice sending in all channels and formats

As the customers of Sveriges Domstolar – those ordering official documents – are both private citizens and many kinds of organizations whose ability to receive invoices varies a lot, multi-channel and multi-format invoice sending is especially valuable.

“We can always meet the customer preferences for how to receive their invoices”, says Catarina Lax, Accounting Economist at Sveriges Domstolar. Once a document sale has been registered by the court administrator, the invoicing data is sent from Sveriges Domstolar in the PEPPOL BIS 3 format to OpusCapita, which in turn processes and sends out the invoices via 5 main channels: PEPPOL, Svefaktura, KIVRA, PDF in email, or paper as a final resort, depending on the receiver’s capability. Also invoice reminders are sent out the same way.

For e-invoices, OpusCapita provides the capability to send as Svefaktura, the earlier national e-invoicing standard, but recently, Sveriges Domstolar has started using the new recommended standard, PEPPOL, as their source format. “PEPPOL is working very well for us, we haven’t had any problems since the start”, says Bo Claesson, the System Administrator for financial systems at Sveriges Domstolar. Thanks to OpusCapita Invoice Sending with PEPPOL, Sveriges Domstolar no longer has to take care of the routing. “The OpusCapita service also gives us more channels, which we need. For example, we’re obliged to send as PEPPOL to other governmental organizations, but we must provide other options, as well”, Claesson continues.

Another important channel especially when sending to private citizens is KIVRA, a Swedish iPost service used widely by authorities for sending invoices and other documents. As OpusCapita takes care of the KIVRA connection, Sveriges Domstolar doesn’t need to establish and maintain the integration themselves. “The invoice receiver is notified by email and can use the KIVRA app to see and pay their invoice. And as the receiver doesn’t have to know the invoice number, for example, it raises the accuracy of payments made and spares us time from fixing errors afterwards”, praises Lax.

Highlights – Sveriges Domstolar

Multiple channels

Invoice Sending via PEPPOL, Svefaktura, KIVRA, email & paper.


Solid ERP integration to Unit4.


Visibility to all transactions with Track & Trace.

Sveriges Domstolar has been an OpusCapita customer for many years.

Single Unit4 integration for outsourced channel management

“The ERP connection we have between our financial system and OpusCapita works well”, says Claesson. “It enables us to interact with both our suppliers and customers in a secure and reliable way, which is important also for the seamless flow of our financial processes”.

Further, as OpusCapita handles the various invoice sending channels, Sveriges Domstolar saves a lot of time and effort from administrative work in their financial systems. “Instead of managing all the channels and maintaining an ability to send invoices in a consistent format ourselves, I much prefer managing only one way of sending, and that’s PEPPOL,” says Claesson. “We send as PEPPOL to OpusCapita and let them split the invoices into the various channels. It releases us from a lot of administrative integration”.

More visibility with Track & Trace

Transaction follow-up is done regularly in OpusCapita Track & Trace, which is helpful in case of any routing or support issues, but also in terms of analyzing the transaction statistics and making estimates. “There’s a lot of must-have information related to transactions. We like to summarize it for both invoice sending and invoice receiving, and it’s quite good”, says Lax, and continues: “OpusCapita has also been great support in how to best make use of these tools”.

Sveriges Domstolar also uses Archiving for the received invoices. “OpusCapita archives the invoices and it works well for us”, says Claesson. “However, we don’t often have reason to look in there, because the Track & Trace covers it mostly for us”.

Long-term partnership

Sveriges Domstolar has been an OpusCapita customer for years, first with Invoice Sending and Invoice Receiving in Svefaktura, and now the latest in PEPPOL, where both Lax and Claesson are pleased with the e-message exchange services.

Further, the recent upgrade project to the newest OpusCapita platform and PEPPOL was a successful one. “We got quick responses when we had questions and we were put in connection with specific experts depending on where support was needed,” says Lax. “In general, we’re very happy with OpusCapita,” both Lax and Claesson conclude.


Catarina Lax works as the Accounting Economist at Sveriges Domstolar, handling accounting and focusing especially on sending out invoices to customers.

Bo Claesson is Sveriges Domstolar’s System Administrator for the financial system, Unit4 ERP, and its integrations to other systems such as the OpusCapita services.

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