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OpusCapita takes part in EU project for e-invoice development


Helsinki – 4. September 2019: OpusCapita announces today that it receives funding from the EU grant in E-Invoicing (CEF). OpusCapita has applied for the funding for development with the help of Leading Management Technology Group (LMT) and the project coordinator, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (UPV).

The objective of the EURINV project is to upgrade and uptake e-invoicing solutions from 7 EDI providers (which are certified PEPPOL Access Points), as well as the solutions from two entities participating as use cases, to comply with the European Standard (EN) on electronic invoice.

The OpusCapita E-Invoicing solution is applicable for several markets in Europe. The target of the project is to make our E-Invoicing solution compliant in each of those markets, it means that the scope of the project really matches the target of CEF funding. The goal of CEF telecom is to increase the spread of an e-invoicing standard across Europe.

The financing will be focused on developing an e-invoicing platform compatible with the European Norm.

“I am happy to see the continued investment to make sure the EU Directive is continuing to gain traction as it has numerous benefits for private and public companies alike. Standardization is a key factor of trade policy because it 5 contributes to the removal of technical barriers to trade, increases market access and international trade, and enhances cooperation at the international level. It is a great honor to work at OpusCapita on this goal”, Ahti Allikas, Head of Partners and Networks, OpusCapita.

About OpusCapita

OpusCapita is a leading European provider of source-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions for large and medium-sized organizations. Our cloud-based solutions help businesses manage their e-procurement and accounts payable processes, lowering costs while improving control and supporting growth. Connect, transact and grow with OpusCapita.

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