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Watch the tornado by billentis

Download the global e-invoicing and tax compliance report by billentis.

Released on 30th of April 2024

Get ready for the e-invoice tornado!

The “Watch the Tornado” report by billentis, Marcus Laube, and Bruno Koch, offers an in-depth exploration of the current state and future trajectory of global e-invoicing and tax compliance practices. It explores how technological advancements and regulatory shifts are reshaping this landscape, with the volume of electronically processed invoices worldwide poised for exponential growth.

The report underlines the necessity for stakeholders to remain alert and well-informed amidst these evolving trends. One key aspect highlighted is the anticipated market expansion, driven by the imperative for enhanced compliance and efficiency in business transactions.

Projections indicate significant growth in both adoption rates and market value:

  • 560 billion invoices exchanged by 2024
  • Current market value of $8.9 billion
  • Growth forecast up to $23.7 billion by 2028

The report delves into the regulatory landscape, emphasizing the increasing adoption of electronic invoicing by tax authorities worldwide as a strategic tool against tax evasion. The implementation of Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) models, exemplified by initiatives like ‘VAT in the Digital Age’ (ViDA) in Europe and the widespread adoption of Peppol, reflects a growing preference for innovative compliance frameworks.

Additionally, the report explores the paradigm shift toward Integrated Digital Trade (IDT), encompassing a holistic approach to automating business transactions and financial operations. IDT initiatives are influenced by governmental policies mandating the inclusion of additional business documents, alongside processes such as payment, invoice financing, electronic procurement, and VAT automation.

“Watch the Tornado” report serves as an excellent resource for comprehending and navigating the complexities of e-invoicing and Integrated Digital Trade, enabling organizations to adapt swiftly and thrive in an ever evolving landscape.

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