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OpusCapita local sites: Espoo HQ

OpusCapita headquarters is located in the capital region of Finland, in Espoo (Leppävaara). Placed in a business hub, we’re surrounded by other growing businesses. The HQ brings together employees from multiple nationalities and multiple fields of expertise from finance to sales to product teams.

Historically, OpusCapita has been present in the capital area since the 80s. In March 2021, we moved our headquarters to the new premises in Espoo. We are in Leppävaara in the Alberga Business Park, which is still growing and has similar businesses next to us and is, therefore, an exciting place to be in. What’s more, it is the third biggest public transport hub in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. 

OpusCapitans like the new facility. My colleague Mikael Schedin, a Competence Center Manager, describes it best: “The new office provides great modern space for individual work, meeting rooms and last- but not least- areas to hang out with colleagues over a cup of coffee”. Personally, I feel a new office gives us a fresh start. I can’t wait to work there on daily basis surrounded by all my workmates. Due to Coronavirus restrictions, only 6 people are allowed to come for now, but I’m hoping to see a change in this soon. 

The title tattle is we named the meeting rooms with names of big lakes in Finland: Saimaa, Päijänne, Inari, Kallavesi. We had an internal contest where all employees globally could propose the naming for the rooms. The winning names were proposed by an employee who is located in Latvia and he recognized Finland as “the land of thousands of lakes” This contest also says much about our company culture, where employees can decide, and everyone is welcome to state their opinion. Visit our Careers page to learn more about our values and read how remote work brings out the best of our culture. 

We currently have approximately 25 employees on the Espoo site. The average age of our staff is 47 years old, and we range from 29 to 63, where 44% are females. This makes me very proud especially because we are operating in the IT sector typically dominated by men. What is great too, is that even by the coffee machine in Espoo, you often hear English and Swedish conversations happening too. This really proves the fact that we are an international company, lucky to have talents in the company regardless of background, only based on skills. These are our business areas and teams in Espoo: 

  • Finance 
  • Legal 
  • Product 
  • Sales  
  • Services & Operations 
  • IT 
OpusCapita headquarters in Espoo

We regularly look for new talents, so you are welcome to check out the open positions. If you don’t see any posting in your location, come back and check it out soon.