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E-flow to buying & selling

Invoice and order exchange, invoice automation, and procurement solutions for an efficient B2B flow

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We ensure your supply chain communication flows

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Supply chain

Build up your 100% digital order, delivery and invoice management for cost savings and automation.

Digitalize the supply chain


Save time & money, reduce costs and increase productivity – automate the full accounts receivable and accounts payable processes.

Digitalize AR & AP

Guided buying

Spend under management, stick to frame agreements, and save in costs with a digital procurement process.

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OpusCapita solutions

Business Network

Multi-channel invoice and order exchange and invoice automation for connectivity, compliancy and cost reductions.

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Advanced guided buying for goods and services, ideal for business-critical MRO and asset-intensive industries.

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Next-generation AP automation

Process over 95% of your invoices fully automatically by adopting dynamic technology boosted with artificial intelligence.

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