Self Service Manager for Catalog Management

Powerful tool for integrating supplier catalogs and contracts

Managing supplier catalogs can be a labor-intensive process that takes time away from the more value-adding tasks in procurement. OpusCapita Self Service Manager (SSM) provides a powerful tool for catalog management for all purchasing organizations.

With SSM, supplier catalogs and contracts can be integrated either by the supplier or by the buying company using the catalog. As the buyer, you can save a lot of time and effort when you can trust providing and managing of the catalog content to your suppliers. You can significantly reduce error rates and improve data quality by defining the criteria that must be met by suppliers when they are uploading data.

Self Service Manager enhances the dialogue with your suppliers and gives you a structured overview of all product information and supplier relationships.With OpusCapita, you can even choose catalog management as a service.

Download factsheet to learn how Self Service Manager can boost catalog management in your organization.

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Self Service Manager is a powerful catalog management solution

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