March 21, 2017

B2B Procurement: Shopping That Won’t Exhaust You

by Procurement Trends, E-procurement

I bet all of you have either been or seen that guy in a department store, sitting on the courtesy couch (love that couch!) near the changing rooms waiting for his wife or girlfriend.

Procurement and non exhausting shopping


Now, this blog post isn’t about shopping with your significant other or being exhausted but it is about the art of the possible and it is about clothes. We (OpusCapita) recently produced an ebook on the topic of e-procurement, specifically, smarter e-procurement, and within the ebook are 4 chapters and 4 themes with 4 real-world examples of the art of the possible for e-procurement.

Yes, I did mention clothes and in fact, the first chapter of the ebook focuses on a use case surrounding the easy shopping experience for workplace uniforms. You know how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that fit? Well imagine a workforce, many thousands strong, on the move – and believe it or not, gaining weight, losing weight, wearing out boots, losing hats, new employees being on-boarded, different job roles/uniforms, etc – you get the picture (probably already wishing you were on that couch now).

The main challenges in the case (download the eBook, it’s a good read) relate to the people dimension and the complexity of variations on the central theme (uniforms). The solution was of course tied up in managing this complexity but to avoid too many spoilers, I’ll just say a highly effective catalog of options was set up in such a way that an individual could have a tailored experience with the system guiding buying and remembering preferences – all possible from any pc or mobile device.

A quote from the ebook summarizes the situation nicely:

“The fast, convenient and tailored nature of OpusCapita’s eProcurement solutions are brought to life for Austria’s largest mobility services provider. In the intensely people-facing transport business, employees always need to look their best. So the company implemented a solution that empowers its employees to buy their own uniforms, with some special customization and delivery options that match the efficiency of the company itself.”

Rowan Lemley Webinar

Rowan Lemley

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